Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sai Ram Chants For Creating Positive Energy During Pandemic

In this pandemic, along with the physical mask let us protect us with an invisible mask of the chants 'SaiRam RamSai' on our lips. Let the "SaiRam" name resonate in our thoughts, mind, talks, actions and all that we do only to make our every breath, pore, cell and even our soul to reverberate 'SaiRam RamSai' all the time. When we send these vibrations into the Universe, they will not only shield us but also spread positivity. Such intense, powerful and immense vibrations would definitely destroy and nullify the negative vibrations and the ill effects of the pandemic virus.
These are the lines that Baba guided me while meditating on Him, doing daily chores and series of Sai incidences that took place. Let me take you all through this tour of mine.
Recently, I came across a few messages in Whatsapp saying all that we think, talk, discuss and spread about, becomes active in its vibration. So the more we talk about anything the more active it becomes. It also said that in this pandemic time, we should avoid talking and discussing about the virus, checking the statistics every now and then and thus making it more active in vibrations. It also talked about fear and the power of creation. It said that the creation of anything is to give thought to it by keeping it active in our vibration by being afraid of it. It then said hook yourself up with the ever flowing stream of wellbeing.

This message made me think if we can collectively use such thoughts to activate the positive vibrations and add strength to it by continuously thinking about it. This can be done by chanting Sairam or God's name and thus adding positive energy to the vibrations. So let us think and talk more about positive incidents and add a little contribution from our side to create such vibrations by chanting God's name. I thought to write about this but my routine with two kids and other responsibilities were making me avoid to put these thoughts into words to share with you all. But Baba's ways are always straight and He convinced me to do it through a series of divine incidences.

Around almost nine years back during my first pregnancy, I had read in Holy Ramayan that the name 'Ram' is more powerful than the Lord Ram Himself. So I wanted to name my son Ram. But as my cousin brother-in-law already holds that name in the family, my mother-in-law in spite of repeated requests did not allow me to name my son as Ram. Baba had some beautiful plans and my mother came up with the name Saiesh. She added that never she had heard about anyone having such a name and it was absolutely a divine indication. My ignorance led me to Google to find out the meaning of the word “Saiesh”. The search result showed, "Sai Ka Baccha" (Sai's Child) and now no trace of any doubt was left in me and my other family members. In fact all loved the name and were convinced immediately. That’s how Baba named His son through me as “Saiesh”. Saiesh learned about the history of his name when he was about four to five year olds. Now he is nearing eight years and I had a very feeble idea how this kid would help me reach the blog post that I am sharing today.

This Sunday as usual he was attending Bhakt Prahlad class on Zoom which is hosted by an ISKON volunteer Geetika Mataji for the kids where in her own innovative way she teaches children the shlokas from Bhagwat Gita and good moral values through stories, quiz and games. I happened to enter the room casually for some work, I heard him interacting with his teacher, "Ram name has more power than the Lord Ram Himself." Not just once or twice, but thrice he uttered the same answer and it seemed as if it was an indirect message for me from the Divine force. Right above his study table is Baba's big picture on the wall. I happened to have eye contact with Baba only to make me think about mixing the names Sai and Ram and thus chant SaiRam RamSai to fight the negative vibrations. It was another hint to proceed with the blog post.

The same day around 4 o'clock when he was attending online class for another activity, I happened to see Lord Hanumanji's big photo behind his teacher in the meeting frame. It was very large that only half of it was visible. It was Hanumaji's sitting posture with some musical instrument in His hand as if chanting Ram, Ram. This was another indication to go ahead with chanting SaiRam RamSai rhythmically.

. This was not enough and I came across another beautiful creative by one of our designers made for Ramnavami. The creative was sent on email for approval to be shared on Ramnavami. Again I felt another push behind the fusion of names of Sai and Ram and writing a post about chanting SaiRam RamSai to fight this pandemic.

Later I also happened to talk about the whole series of incidents since morning with Hetal Didi, she too confirmed the answer by Saiesh that Ram's name is more powerful than Himself and the hint to proceed with the blog post. She also hinted that there must be a beautiful story behind it. Whereas I thought she must be referring to the story of construction of Ram Setu bridge by writing the name Ram over the stones by the monkeys. I presumed the story so confidently that I did not bother to google the story just for name sake. However while writing this post like every time, I had prayed to Baba that He should write the post making me an instrument for just typing; He made me google about that story, although I had no intention but could feel that force to google about it. I came across a beautiful story which was absolutely different from the one I had initially guessed. Here is it. (please do not miss the story)

This happened in Lord Rama’s court after his Pattabhishekam in Ayodhya.

After Lord Rama returns to Ayodhya and after his coronation ceremony, Lord Rama is sitting on His throne along with Guru Vishwamitra on a seat on his right side.

When the court matters were going on, Lord Hanuman entered the court. There are other Gurus, sages, ministers and many people present in the court. As soon as Lord Hanuman enters the court, He bows down before Sage Narada and we all know Sage Narada always involves divine plays which starts with problems and ends with a great message.

Lord Hanuman after bowing down to Narada Muni receives blessings from Him. At that time, Narada says to Hanuman, ”Hanuman, you can receive blessings from anyone present in this court but don’t ever take the blessings from Sage Viswamitra as he has so much of Ahankar (self pride) within him and thus taking His blessings is not good for you.”

Lord Hanuman thinks, “Whatever Narad Muni says is always correct” and thus He decided to abide by His words.

After receiving blessings from all the others present in the court, He approaches Lord Rama and Sage Vishwamitra, he doesn’t even bow down to Vishwamitra and just bows to Lord Rama and He goes and sits in His place.

Sage Vishwamitra notices that Hanuman neither seeked for his blessings nor showed any respect by bowing down. He gets very angry. (Sage Viswamitra is a very short tempered person). Suddenly he shouts at Rama, “A person has disrespected Me in this court and thus whoever disrespects a Guru should be punished by killing". (In those days, kings and Gods feared the wrath of Guru).

Then Lord Rama asks “Who is that person who disrespected You in My court?” to which Sage Vishwamitra says “ It's Your Hanuman Who disrespected Me by not bowing down”. Shri Ram was dumb-founded for a moment as Hanuman was his most beloved devotee while Rishi Vishwamitra was Shri Ram’s Guru and Ram could not disobey his Guru at any cost, so he had to punish Hanuman for the disrespect shown to His Guru. He takes out his Banam (bow and arrow) and aims at Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman then chants the greatest mantra of the time ”Rama Nama” with utter devotion to protect Him from the astra (weapon of Ram) as He was aware that by chanting Lord Rama’s name He was sure to be saved and that even Lord Rama can’t kill him or hurt him.

True to this, none of Rama's arrows could touch Hanumanji. Shri Ram was exhausted but Hanumanji was only looking at His Lord with total surrender, love and devotion. Shri Ram used the most powerful weapons he had never used before but nothing could harm Hanumanji. Then Shri Ram aimed His Brahmastra on him. Hanumanji kept chanting Shri Ram Mantra and did not move at all. The crowd of on-lookers was under a spell. Then Shri Ram aimed with Brahmashirsha Astra (An astra 1000 times more powerful than Brahmastra)

When Lord Rama aims and releases the Brahmashirsha astra on Hanuman, it gets burnt out even before reaching Lord Hanuman.

Again He aims, but the astra gets burnt out and even after trying several times. Sage Vishwamitra stops Rama and tells him that, “As long as Lord Hanuman chants Your Divine Name, it's not possible to even give a bruise to Lord Hanuman.”

Seeing all this, Narada intervenes and stops the confusion and explains the power of Rama Namam and thus Lord Rama and Sage Vishwamitra forgives Hanuman.

From the above story we can understand that, Lord Rama’s name is more powerful mantra and by chanting it, Lord Rama can help us and save us from all the obstacles.

This is the reason why Rama’s Name is more powerful than the lord Rama Himself

This is the main reason why people even today have been writing Sri Rama Jayam or Jai Sri Ram for the last 5000 years for success to solve all problems in 21 days.

In addition to this I would also like to share that my mom in the month of February happened to be infected by the pandemic. We came to know about this only a few days back when the antibody test was done. I thank Baba million times as He got my mother out of the jaws of death as she is nearing 60's with a slight BP problem. She had got a very high fever one night and later on had a lot of weakness. She was alright by taking a paracetamol at night. So we thought it to be normal viral fever. We all (my husband, kids, in-laws) had happened to meet my mom that time multiple times. But none of us had got infected. Even my dad and the maids there were not infected. She had played with my daughter Saiva who was then just 11 months old by keeping her in her arms, but nothing unusual was found in her. Based on all the consequences, we never thought she could be infected.

One day all of a sudden she said that she felt that she might have been infected at that time with the pandemic virus. I thought it was not possible else out of so many people who came in contact with her that time (nearly 50 of us), at least someone would have got affected through her. Also her fever was alright in one night and she said that she did not have any breathing problems and no symptoms that lead us to conclude that she was infected. Her statement shook me to the core and I was absolutely worried thinking about the probable consequences. I was compelled out of anxiety to put chits in front of Baba. Baba's answer was 'Yes she was infected by the virus.' Later after a mwhen she was to take the vaccine, we got the antibody test done as we had heard that those who got infected should take the vaccine after three months. So when the antibody test was done, all were wonderstruck to see the test as positive and Baba's infinite grace protected her, mainly my dad who is a senior citizen with diabetes and BP and all the others who came in contact with her. Her antibody count was also 27 (which sums up to 9 and hence showing Baba's presence too).

When my mom told her maids about this event they were shocked and said that Baba knew that no one was there to take care of them and hence Baba let it know only after everything was fine. (If mom would have known it before then maids would also be stopped and then it would have been extremely difficult to manage themselves everything especially with the daily domestic work).

I fully and truly believe that she came out safely without any troubles with Baba's grace as she daily does Naamjaap without fail for 20 minutes. So it shielded her and others who came in contact with her. It was not asymptomatic else she would not have got that high fever and following a lot of weakness. Now I questioned Baba, “He was to protect and shield her, then why did she even get infected in the first place?” To this my own conscience answered, "It was all Baba's Leela to show the significance of Naam Jaap" else how could we experience it so closely. She already has certain health issues with BP. This leela of Baba clearly shows how Naamjaap can protect, cure and shield us.

So coming back, I was reminded that Naamsaptah will start from 13th and what if we request all the Mahaparayanites to chant SaiRam RamSai for 20 minutes either collectively or in parts as and how the time permits; dedicatedly by sitting at one place or along with our daily routine activities that can be easily combined with chanting like cooking, cleaning, driving, walking, bathing etc. We are today a strength of almost 5 to 6 lakhs of devotees and it will thus help to create a lot of positive vibrations. For Ram Navami Naamsaptah we don't have any special groups. We have to self monitor us and report to Baba. We are planning to create more Naam Jaap groups for AASM (Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap which began on 13th February 2018 and still going on ceaselessly 24*7) As usual we are always in need of helping hands to execute our seva to Baba. So here are the links to different time slots and for being sevaks/volunteers. Please come forward to serve as no seva can be done alone. You may read the detailed series of posts here showing how AASM took shape with Baba's guidance. One request to all is that they need to choose the preferred time slot and day as per IST. Later our volunteers will try their best to allot you the slot of your choice for the preferred day too. Please do not rush and have patience. All information would be provided at the right time. It may take time as we need to first train the volunteers. Please do not join the volunteers group (for enrollment if other groups are full) if you are not willing to serve.

So let's come together and spread the message to chant the name Sairam or any God's name and contribute to send positive vibrations in the Universe.

A small continuation of the same essence with a different guidance from Baba can be here, Sai Baba Guides To Ram Raksha Mantra
You can go through the Naam Jaap series

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Global MahaParayan Presents - Bal Gurukul - MahaParayan for Kids

July 2017, we came up with concept of Global MahaParayan which was directed by our Sai Baba to Sai sister Pooja. Initially there was only one format of the Parayan, which transited to various other formats and about 3 lakhs of devotees joined in this venture making it A Global Parayan Hall! All formats of Parayan were inspired by our Sai Baba and today on Childrens Day we are introducing yet another format of MahaParayan "Bal Gurukul - MahaParayan for Kids". Following write up is by Sai sister Pooja describing her journey from a thought to execution of the Parayan.

We know by now that after continuous prayers for nearly 7 months, On 25th June 2017, Baba gave orders for Global Mahaparayan. Now, after a long time, Baba indicated to start Bal Parayan through an early morning dream on the day of Janmashtami - 24th August 2019. But this time, there were no prayers made to start Bal Parayan. I did not have, even the remotest thought of starting Bal parayan exclusively for the kids. Some kids are already part of Mahaparayan and are reading 2 chapters every Thursday. There are examples where 2 kids sharing one roll no and read one chapter each. So the thought never occurred to start Mahaparayan exclusively for kids. But really, His ways are His ways - unique and equally beautiful!

The Dream for Bal Parayan:

I was sitting in an old room, which feels more like a temple but has no idol or image of Baba as such. A group of people accompanied by several musical instruments was singing Sai Baba aarti. I was sitting there, and I think I was playing the dholki. The arti that was being sung was the Marathi arti ( Arti Sai Baba..Saukhya Dataar Jivha..). After some time, all were quiet, and I was singing the arti alone. Everyone present was saying that she knows the arti well, so please give her the mike. As they said that, I started thinking - “What was the use of giving the mike now as the arti was about to get completed?”

By the time I received the mike, arti got completed. Then with all my heart and soul, I started chanting loudly on the mike “Shri Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbrahma Shri Sacchidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.” Everyone was enjoying it and was also staring at me at the same time. I was also overjoyed with the positive vibrations that I had goose-bumps.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Journey Of Mahaparayan Logo

Sai Baba Answers Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org
Today's post on this blog is special to my heart because it narrates "Journey Of MahaParayan Logo" and how Baba chose His people to work on the logo. The mystery (Baba's plan, for us mystery) unfolds at every step but still we are unable to comprehend that we are a part of such an amazing leela. This post is divided into six parts i.e.

Materialistic and Spiritual Significance of Logo

Sai Ramji, with the inception of season 3 of Global MahaParayan, we would like to present this video which explains the logo. The logo got its form with lot many Leelas of Sadhguru Sai Baba and that is already shared on our blog. The video is a walk through of different elements of the logo and what each element signifies in an animated form. We would like to thank the whole team of Global MahaParayan for coming with this spiritual venture as directed by Sadhguru Sai Baba.

MahaParayan logo has different elements which has significant meaning - both relating to materialistic world and spiritual enlightenment. The dark background signifies the problems that are faced by people in their day to day lives. Each one is tormented with some or the other problem and want to get a solution to it. This can be considered as the first step of the ladder to Sadhguru Sai Baba. He calls His devotees and has been so vigilant in solving mundane problems of His devotees and answering prayers, in the hope that they ask from Him what He actually intends to give, spiritual upliftment. The little stars are little hopes that people have, but they are suppressed to such an extent that they are hardly visible. The stand holds a Holy Book Sai Satcharitra which is wrapped with red cloth. This is the way we preserve Holy Books and that's what the logo says.

The book, basically reading of the book, emits rays, that spreads in circular path and they are a lot more powerful. That’s where the little stars get light, i.e. the hopes shine now brighter and they are sure to be fulfilled. This means Sai Satcharitra is read, the problems will be solved by Sadhguru Sai Baba if one keep utmost faith and wait with steady patience. This is materialistic message that the logo signifies, there is something related to spirituality too. We have read in Sai Satcharitra that “My Sircar says "Take, take," but everybody comes to me and says 'Give, give.' Nobody attends carefully to the meaning of what I say. My Sircar's treasury (spiritual wealth) is full, it is overflow-ing. I say, "Dig out and take away this wealth in cartloads, the blessed son of a true mother should fill himself with this wealth.” Baba had descended on this earth for spiritual upliftment of humanity at large and still we are at clutches in materialistic world. When the bright rays over powers the little stars, they make them shine brighter and thus climb second ladder which leads to spiritual advancement.

Now coming to the main part of the logo, Our Sadhguru Sai Baba as OM and OM as Our Sai Baba. OM also referred as Pranav, the symbolic representation of the primordial sound, from which “everything” is manifested. Similarly, Our Baba’s compassion and blessings is manifested in the heart of every devotee. This manifestation will be multifold if the devotee reads the Mahaprayan of Sai Satcharitra. OM is the subtlest form of sound. Mahaparayan is also the subtle form of sound, if someone recites Sai Satcharitra loudly or within their heart, Our Sadhguru Sai Baba in His subtle form manifest not only in the heart of the devotee but He will manifest in the form of His grace and blessings that will protect and shower the boon to the devotee and the devotee’s family too. So when His Satcharitra is recited in Mahaparayan Our Beloved Sadhguru Sai Baba manifests in the form of primordial sound OM, and thus Our Sai Baba is OM and OM is Our Sai Baba.

OM Sai Jai Jai Sai.

This video will take you to deep insights of the logo

Kindly watch and share the below video about "Journey Of Mahaparayan Logo", all the devotees including myself have lended their own voices to narrate this beautiful Leela of Shirdi Sai Baba. Request you to kindly subscribe to Official MahaParayan YouTube Channel.

Now let's proceed to post as narrated by all the devotees who were witness to Leelas.

Leelas Witnessed by me (Pooja Agarwal Garg)

Sairam everyone! I feel we all Sai children who have been part of Mahaparayan whether as a reader or a volunteer are extremely blessed for It is something Baba the Master Planner and the Universal Father had planned to gift us owing to the Centenary year of His Mahasamadhi. Mahaparayan is in real sense Amrit Kaam as shown by Baba through Sai sister Sajal.

Although Baba made us start with 2 groups of 48 devotees each on 11th Oct 2016 Dasera just for one day locally; no one had imagined what this old man had in His mind? From that one day of that Dasera He made sure that we did it every Thursday and soon came up with 3 such groups. After repeated prayers He then finally after the long wait of almost 7 months He gave the orders for global MP on 25 June 2017. My joy knew no bounds for I had got what I wanted. The next thing I did was I called Hetal Di with whom He had already tied knots till then. I always say that she is my Living Sai and has played a major role in making my faith in Baba multiply with leaps and bounds through her blog which is honoured as Modern Sai Satcharitra by our Sai bandhus.

We started planning and she assigned the responsibility of making the logo to Kritiji. Kritiji came up with a design and after number of alterations it was finally finalised as we thought so. That logo had a Satcharitra with light coming out of it. The colour combination and overall it looked beautiful but still I felt it as incomplete as there was no Baba in it nor the name Sai in it. I felt how would people understand what is MP and its about our Sai ? I felt there should be Baba’s photo with a blessing hand and having Om on it. So when passed on my view the team listened to it with a very open mind. Kritiji then came up with another iteration by adding Baba’s photo in it. Then again after quite a few number of changes we felt that it was finalised and now I was happy with it as the logo now had Baba in red clothes with a Om on it as this photo also had some connections to my childhood. But I never shared this childhood thing with anyone till then. Then when we were to use it Hetal Di felt that the blessing hand if seen in detail was partly getting cut and the left hand was not there and it was not good for our Sacred venture. I not that technically sound to these things although felt that it could be ignored but even a smallest minute cut in Baba’s hand and His blessings was not acceptable. Kritiji said nothing more could be done to it as that photo was like that. Then Kritiji again came up with another photo of Baba in orange clothes taking all the care with respect to all the factors. Again after multiple alterations with respect to the text etc. in logo we thought that finally the logo was finalised after 3.5 months with so many alterations. But Baba had something else in His mind.

We started with our first season on Global scale in 2017 and various leelas started occurring. Although we had thought it to do it only for 1 year with 5000 people the adding of new devotees and formation of new groups never stopped. When the season 1 and MP as such was coming to an end Baba gave another dream guiding that MP should continue even after the centenary year. So now the logo needed to be changed as we had mentioned the year in it as 2017-18. So when Kritiji was asked to do so she did not find her necessary files for doing the same. She searched and searched and finally realised that we would need to come up with something else as we could not copyright it even if the last logo file was found as every element in it had to be original.

Then when we were trying to get the sketch made and nothing was working out and we needed it to show it to the Shirdi Sansthaan, Hetal Di very benevolently offered SaiYug network’s Sai Baba’s sketch. But it had no blessing hand with Om in it. Also for copyright thing said to Di that either we get the blessing hand extended to the existing sketch or make a different sketch. So there started our struggle for getting the sketch made.

Then in the month of Jan 2019 Baba made me and Sajal to have known each other. After few days I shared with her how the banner to be put up in Shirdi Sansthan premises was pending due to the logo which was pending due to Baba’s sketch. There she started her journey of getting the sketch made. Again there were a number of alterations with coloured and black and white but only to be rejected. (Then Sajal Story)

I realised that just as in chapter Chapter 39 of Sai Satcharitra where Baba gave dreams at the same time to Shama and Buti regarding the construction of Samadhi Mandir, Baba through this leela had shown that even today He is active as He was when He was embodied.

So then came another passenger on board Murali Bhaiya Who also joined us in the journey of logo. He promised me to get the logo done as my return gift for Rakhi. I told him that we need a sketch with Baba’s blessing hand and having a Om on it.

So when he came up with the sketch, he shared it with me on whats app. At very first look of the pencil sketch I was thrilled but not that 100% happy because although it had Baba’s blessing hand with Om on it but Baba’s sketch as such was not there. Although Baba was not visible in those pencil strokes my heart was saying that still Baba can be felt in the Om. His forehead, head gear, upper body was still apparent although not in those pencil strokes. Immediately I remembered my childhood association with Baba. So when I called Bhaiya he asked me what I understood. Then I said him first I would like share one small incident dating back to three decades when I was a 3 to 4 years child. I told bhaiya that I didn’t know why I was sharing that with him.

When I was may be 3.5 years child and had been to my mama’s (maternal uncle) office there was a very huge poster of Baba in red clothes in a blessing hand and a Om on it. Baba’s picture was so, so attractive that even after 3 plus decades and I being so small that time I am still able to live that moment. I was so small that I neither knew that He is Sai Baba nor did I know that the symbol is read as Om. But still that Om symbol and Baba’s face made such a deep everlasting pictorial impression on my brain cells and heart veins that I still can see that very poster right in front of my eyes. So later even when I grew up and may be was in 5th or 6th standard whenever I saw Om or Baba I used to remember the connection and felt that Baba means Om and Om means Baba. Then further as I grew and moved to higher classes I used to think and laugh at myself how I used to think Baba means Om and Om means Baba and thought that it was not so. Om is associated with other Gods also. But now again after so many years when I saw the sketch that had come through Murali Bhaiya; all this flashed and felt Baba is Om and Om is Baba. With this as my last sentence Murali bhaiya was very happy and said Baba had given him the confirmation through me that It was Him making him do all that. Then when I asked him whether my interpretation was right he said that it was exactly the thought that Baba had inspired and confirmed too. Goosebumps ran from my head to toe and was very happy for the logo. Now that incomplete feeling had vanished and my childhood memory patch which was probably my first encounter with Baba had sealed the incompleteness to make it complete. I was very, very happy and still further asked Bhaiya if we could have only Baba’s eyes in it. He then said that its essence would be lost.

Joining the dots from Sajal’s story, Parayan Hall picture a very beautiful revelation came up that why Baba was saying use the picture on the wall. Why make my sketch? Why out of so many photos only the parayan hall photo was referred to? Mahaparayan and parayan hall photo from Shirdi what a close association to only conclude that reading in Mahaparayan is equivalent to reading in Parayan hall of Shirdi. Here the devotees virtually sit in a parayan hall which is so huge that it is spread across the globe and giving us the confirmation for the same. This was further confirmed when I shared this with one of the devotees Pooja Chawlaji and she said that she was dumbstruck at Baba’s leela giving another confirmation to her. As when she had started to work as an organiser she found that people inspite of telling so many times not to forward anything in MP classrooms as important things related to Parayaan communication may get missed. Still people never listened and kept sharing Baba’s live darshan and all other forwards. Then she used to call people and tell that in Parayan hall of Shirdi we read only Sai Satcharitra and other related stories but no bhajans etc. Similarly here think of your MP classroom to be a parayan hall of Shirdi and do only parayan here. After this the group had met its purpose and only parayana communication was maintained. Then when we had this sharing we were just speechless to hear each other and receive confirmation for the same from Baba through each other? Isn’t it beautiful?

Then finally when all was set I met Namrataji the MP blog editor. When she said it sounds incomplete to her made me sad for micro millisecond fearing that now what? Again Baba wants to change the logo? But then as you all saw how Baba gave her darshan in Om. The fact that she says that even before she had shared with me the two possibilities behind Baba giving her darshan 1) to incorporate Baba’s picture or 2) logo is complete, Baba had answered her when my immediate response filled with happiness to her was that “Baba is showing the logo is complete. (screenshots). This way Baba not only completed her incomplete feeling but somewhere had also answered me that do not fear now the logo is really complete through Namrata’s sharing this sentence incident.

When it was shared all the organisers, sevaks, volunteers gave very positive and happy goosebump filled comments only to make me realise that Baba’s timing is perfect. I used to question Baba and Di that why so much time? That day I got all my answers. The words Sakal Jeev Jantu Koti in the logo at the bottom are the actual words that came out of Baba’s mouth when He was telling Soumyaji in her dream in Sep 2017 the importance and impact of MP. The words Global Mass Prayer was another revelation that Baba made me understand that MP is a Global Mass Prayer towards the end of Season 1. Sajal ji and me came to know each other in Jan 2019 and Baba’s another blessing to me is Sa brother Murali Bhaiaya around Aug 2019. Then when these people had so much important role to play then how could the logo be made by Kritiji in July 2017? So all that i learnt is that for every delay there is always a reason and much more beautiful things are waiting for us than we could have ever imagined!

Leelas Witnessed by Sai Sajjal

Om Sairam. I am Sai Sajjal. I would like to share one of my experience with Sadhguru Saibaba which is related to the new logo of Mahaparayan. On February 2019 I had a work with Pooja Ji as we were working on the new YouTube channel of Mahaparayan and we used to talk usually. On that day she said that, Mahaparayan's logo is not decided yet. She asked me whether I know anyone who can design the logo for Mahaparayan. Immediately I replied yes, my brother can do this as he basically does this kind of work (making a logo). Pooja Ji also asked me to check with him whether he can help us in this. So I checked with him and I forwarded this to my brother at the end of March and by the first week of April, he started working on it. He took around one week to make the sketch ready, but unfortunately, it got rejected for some technical reason. Then I checked with one of my cousin sister as she was good at drawing. So, I asked her to make 2 to 3 sketches of Baba's face so that we can use it as a vector in coral draw (graphics editor software). She made around 3 to 4 sketches, but still, I wasn't convinced. I felt that something is still missing. I asked another friend and she said that she has a friend who is good at sketching, but for some reason, I couldn't speak to her. So just like this, I spoke to a few more people but it didn't work out well and for some or the other reason this work got postponed.

I was feeling very bad as I couldn't complete Baba's logo work which was given to me. Then I said to Baba that, "Baba, I can't do this, Please do not bring this kind of task in front of me, if it's You Who gave me this work then you must make sure that it gets completed". Later, I thought that I'll tell Pooja Ji that I cannot do this and I am unable to give my 100% to it, so can You give this work to someone else, as I already knew that there are few people working on it. But I had a guilt in my heart that, out of so many people, this work was given to me but still I couldn't make it out. So, after a few days, I forgot about all these things.

But in the month of April, I had a dream where I and Pooja Ji, we both were in a hospital bed. While lying on the bed, we were discussing the Mahaparayan logo about how Baba's eyes and face, etc should be. Pooja Ji's bed was on the right-hand side and mine was on the left-hand side and it was next to the wall which was next to my side, just at the height of where we hang the wall clock, there I saw Baba's original face but it wasn't clear and it was blur but I could make it out to be Baba's face and it had movable background with bluish or purplish shimmer as we can see this in GIF's and animated photos. I was dumbstruck and couldn't make out what is going on. Then from that photo Baba said, "Kisne Kaha Ki Mere Sketch Me Mera Chehra Banana Hai, Mere Photo Ko Dekho Jo Deewar Par Lagi Hai" which means "Who said that you have to draw My Face in that sketch, look at My original photo which is hanging on the wall". Then I asked to Baba, "Where should I see, nothing is visible clearly on the wall, it's all blur and what's this bluish background, I couldn't understand anything Baba. So he just said these two sentences.

Then when I woke up, I couldn't believe this dream and I assumed it to be an illusion of my mind as I was not feeling good for not able to complete the logo work, I also thought that maybe my mind is giving me such kind of messages as I have not completed my work. How is it possible to make a Mahaparayan's logo which is exclusively for Baba without His Face? Assuming it to be an illusion, I tried to hide this dream incident for a whole day. I didn't even inform about this to Pooja Ji as I thought that she might think that I am coming out with excuses for not completing my work.

But the next day suddenly Pooja Ji made a call to me as we usually talk to each other regarding the Mahaparayan's YouTube channel. At the beginning, we just had casual talks but suddenly Pooja Ji said that she had a dream this morning in which she is talking with me but she can't remember it clearly. Listening to this I got a little nervous and I was thinking that Baba strongly wants me to inform her about my dream. Even now if Pooja Ji thinks that I am giving excuses, still I will tell her about my dream. Then I explained her everything. Even Pooja Ji had the same feeling of mine that how is it possible, should we take Dwarakamai's Baba's original photo for logo, then she said that she will check with Hetal Ji because when we use the original photo there might be some technical issues related to copyright and Hetal ji has good knowledge on technical things, so it's better to discuss with her about it. So this was the last chat with Pooja ji and it was happening in the month of April. After this we never spoke about the logo.

Then yesterday (5th October 2019) suddenly when i saw the new logo in the group, it was exactly the same with bluish and purplish background as i saw in my dream and it was so colourful. In the logo, we don't have Baba's face but still we can witness Baba's glimpse in it. If You take a look at the logo, it has OM, as you can see the upper part of OM it's like Baba's turban and the lower part is His chest. So it's like Baba is visibly invisible. After having a look at this logo i don't know what happened to me, but automatically tears started rolling down my cheeks. Several times i have read Sai Satcharitra and few other books, it's mentioned that, whenever your Guru's Aura is around you, you are filled with emotions of ecstatic, getting goosebumps and you feel like crying. So i was filled with all of these emotions when i saw the logo, even my heart started to beat faster, i couldn't understand what's happening. Things which i hide and taking it lightly earlier, now it was practically in front of me. Really, no one can understand His leelas unless or until you experience it, He's just incredible.

So this was my experience with Baba. Om Sairam.

Leelas Witnessed by Hetal Patil Rawat

I, Hetal Patil Rawat, have been blessed to be instrumental in executing Global MahaParayan since its foundation in the year 2016. Sai Sister Pooja came with her idea and we, with the team of Sai Yug Network, together worked towards its execution. With the blessings of our Sai Baba, I was able to come out with the concept of MahaParayan logo which was designed by Sai Sister Kriti. However in the year 2017, before the start of first season, we used picture of our Baba in the logo as we were time bound and could not think of creating fresh element of Baba from the scratch. The second season also went by just like that. After the season 2 was executed, Pooja was given a number with 8 figures by our Baba, the figure indicated the reach of Global MahaParayan, for which we had to design a banner which will be placed in Samadhi Mandir, Shirdi and major hotspots there, from where it is clearly visible and attract devotees to join us. At this point, it became necessary to come out with an original element of our Baba in the logo due to copyrights and uniqueness. The quest then started for finding an artist who can make an original sketch of our Baba and we tried contacting people who can help us. We never thought with our past experience that the task, which was initially a small one, would become a big one and the most challenging.

At first instance, we tried contacting the same artist who made sketch for Sai Yug Network logo. He was super busy and could not take up the task. That was a backdrop where we were in fix, actually it was starting point to a bigger level of amazing Leelas. Later in the month of March 2019with the help of Sai Sister Sajal, we started with the sketch with high hopes of landing into perfect sketch that will complete logo. But the outcome was not satisfactory and we were again back to square one. Two months passed by and again this task was taken up. I discussed our requirements to Murali who had started taking care of digital marketing of blogs Sai Yug Network from the month of April 2019. He promised that he will definitely help me with sketch. With Pooja asking me about logo frequently, I was following up with Murali ji. He used to say he's onto it as he was also expecting for some indication ftom Baba.

We got first edit on August 1 2019, which couldn't be used as a logo. Next edit was received on August 24, 2019 (another Leela of Baba related to the picture happened with Murali ji which we have shared on exp blog) but that also could not be used as logo. So again in a fix. The leela was so profound that Murali ji encountered but our quest was still on. Seeing my anxiousness over the matter, since only a month was remaining for the new season of MahaParayan, he gave me a word that he will somehow come out with sketch of Baba for logo and I should not worry about it. He gave me a date September 15 on which he would be coming out with a sketch. The wait was unbearable but we as Sai devotees know how important being patient is! So i did that. That evening he shared a sketch with me and asked what i saw. I said OM and then saw Baba. Wow! What a sight it was. All these years I never related OM with Baba and this came out instantly with just a glance. Now the sketch was shared to Pooja and she liked it as well.

There was a message in official WhatsApp group of SYN where the below picture was shared and i and Murali ji were talking about how gigantic OM is behind our Baba. I agreed with him in the course of talks and simultaneously wondering where that portrait is located. I told him that the portarint is in men's section of Chavadi. Since he hasn't gone to Shirdi any day yet, he nodded to what I said. But i wasn't sure because i can't go to men's section in Chavadi and look portrait closely there. The most possibilities are that i had a glance of portrait from outside or with side angle from ladies section. This confusion was cleared by Baba after 2-3 days when same picture of that portrait was shared in group but with wider angle which showed that portrait is of "Parayan Hall"!!!!

Sai Baba was very clever in hinting us by showing the picture of Parayan Hall portrait but never did I realize what He wanted to convey. The sketch was ready and now its digitalization was the next step. I got in touch with our Sai Sister Kriti and requested her to complete logo digitally asap. She said she will definitely do but after working on it initially, she wasn't able to work on further changes due to her professional commitments and deadlines. She texted me apologizing for not being able to complete the logo and leaving it halfway. I replied as "Not a Problem " but now there was a problem in front of me. It was my responsibility to complete logo by myself or get it done by someone else. There was no question of finding someone at the 11the hour, so I started working on it thinking it would be easy to re-do logo. But when I started working on it, I found that it was far more difficult and it was beyond the capabilities of my skills. I am not an artist, i can't do sketching, if that is so i wont be able to do sketching even in designing software and that was the need of the hour. Next day i.e. on October 2, 2019 i decided to work on logo from scratch, not knowing which way I am heading to. I was only determined to complete logo and i was sure that Baba is going to help me.

I started, took hours, completed it and sent only OM-Baba element to Murali ji. He said it seems as hand drawn sketch, need some smooth curves, rest, it looks the same as the original sketch drawn by me! I was happy, satisfied, contented, relaxed, excited, enthusiastic, comfortable to work on suggestions by Murali ji. Adding OM-Baba element i sent logo to Murali ji and Pooja. Thus logo was complete, but more Leelas were to unfold.

Before creating any logo, this is a practice that the concept is created and then logo takes it shape and elements. Our Baba clearly indicated from where the concept for MP Logo has to be taken, I failed to understand that concept of the portrait of Parayan Hall is to be taken and not the picture. Though Pooja had earlier shared how our Baba came into dream of Sai sister Sajal that a picture has to be considered for the logo and no need to create any sketch, I did not think about taking the concept of any picture, instead Pooja and I had long thoughts on which picture has to be taken and how a picture can be incorporated in a logo was again a technical challenge. When this was reminded by Pooja the next day of completing the logo, I was dumbfounded and overwhelmed by how our Baba is making us work in His mission and we are mere puppets in His Hands, the best part is i consider myself lucky that i have been chosen.

Leelas Witnessed by Murali Kanna

With the blessings of Sadhguru Sai Baba, I, Murali Kanna, would like to share how Our Sadhguru considered me in this noble work making the new logo of MahaParayan. In the month of April 2019, i started looking after online promotion of blogs that belong to Sai Yug Network and this way i came to know the team members behind the network. I came to know how blog works are taken care of by a group of sisters and what all challenges they are facing in the process of producing best results on the blog. On June 30, 2019, Hetal Ji requested me to help her out with an artist who can come up with an original sketch of Sadhguru Sai Baba which will be incorporated in MahaParayan Logo. I was very happy that she thought of me for this task and i started looking for someone in my city. In the chain of events that followed, i encountered a very profound Leela of Sai Baba, but nothing helped out on the logo side. It happened two times that i felt that now i am near to the sketch and both the times, i saw the things slipping from my hands.

I had already promised Hetal to help, i took responsibility to come out with my own sketch of Our Baba. That was a challenge and difficult situation as i had to come with a unique concept for logo and i had stopped sketching some 30 years ago when i was a small boy. Initially i came out with a sketch of Baba which i considered as a warm up for me. But i was determined to create something unique. I spent some minutes to think for the concept and something came to my mind after which i instantly started sketching. I started with drawing OM with a Blessing hand and sent to Hetal ji for review. She gave positive comments and asked me to share with Pooja Behana. She also liked and next day she shared how she related Om with Baba and Baba with Om which happened to be her first encounter with Baba and that too 30 years back. I was surprised how the years are exact, her first encounter and my stopping sketching. After i hung up the call with Pooja behana, in the Sai Yug Network Whatsapp group i recieved a message with a picture (attached). In the picture, behind Our Baba there is a gigantic OM almost exactly coincided with the pencil sketch of the new logo i came out with. I considered that as a confirmation from our Baba that he accepted the logo. I immediately shared the picture with Hetal ji and Pooja behana. Later Hetal ji said, that picture is the portrait installed in the northern wall of Parayan Hall in Shirdi.

I took it as Baba’s confirmation on the concept of the logo and it can be taken to the next level of digitalization. The task was assigned to Kriti which was then passed on to Hetal ji by Baba and i was very happy when i saw it the first time. It was very powerful and beautiful at the same time. The same night, i.e. October 2, 2019, while i was again going through picture of portrait of Sai Baba in Parayan Hall, i gathered some information about it from the internet. After Baba’s Maha Samadhi, Baba gave darshan in the dream of Ambaram Lalbhai Kahar of Navasari in the year 1953. The dream had a tremendous effect on Ambaram, the artist. Then Ambaram painted this portrait of Baba that he got from his dream vision. The painting is 6’ by 4’ of Baba sitting on the stone posture. There is also a gigantic Aum behind Baba. Ambaram gifted this painting to the Avatar Meher Baba Centre in Navasari. Before this painting was brought to Shirdi, it was placed for public darshan in Navasari. For two days the devotees performed akahand naam jaap of Baba, and simultaneously they had Bhajans throughout the day and night.

Then after performing puja they brought it to Shirdi in procession and gifted it to the Sansthan, they first proposed to keep this portrait over Baba’s Samadhi in the Samadhi Mandir. But as Baba’s Idol was being sculpted, this portrait was placed in the Chavadi. This portrait is now moved to the New Parayan Hall on the west side.

The artist had a dream about that portrait that happens to be in Parayan Hall of Shirdi and i got a vision to come out with a sketch for Global MahaParayan, how both the incidents are coinciding was a matter of astonishment and gratitude towards Our Baba. The entire journey on coming out with a new logo for Mahaparayan is fully packed with beautiful and profound experiences, and another beautiful thing which i consider the most profound is the way how our beloved Baba blessed me to keep my promise to the two beautiful noble hearts Hetal ji and Pooja Behana thus i felt not just successfully i delivered the work but it is the wish of our Baba that I fulfilled. I strongly believe that Online Mahaparayan is the globally extended big part of Parayan Hall in Shirdi and Our Sadhuguru Sai Baba wanted that way.

Last but not the least, I am taking the privilege to share one more wish of mine that too got fulfilled in this journey of Mahaparayan logo is, by coming out with such a miraculous logo, I gave my wonderful Sister Pooja Garg the return gift for the Rakhi she tied to me and from the bottom of my heart i consider this as the most beautiful and lovely “Raksha Bandhan” happened first time in my life through our Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Leelas Witnessed by Namrata Bansal

Sai Ram! I met Pooja Garg Ji at a get together for Navratri Ashtami & while talking she shared that the 2nd announcement is also up for the devotees of MP for the coming season. Later, as I was listening to Pooja's audio file I realised that MP logo was changed. I saw it & just felt that above the book the ‘Om’ that was written, with Baba's hand in it, looked somewhat incomplete!

As I was chatting with Pooja I told her that I was finding the logo incomplete, to which Pooja replied that there are some amazing Leela's behind the finalization of that logo, which they were working on for nearly 2 years now, and the leelas of Baba will be shared on the 8th, that I also heard in the announcement later. Though I didn’t say anything I was still unconvinced about the logo.

After listening to the announcement I opened the logo picture again as to find what was missing or suggest any areas of improvement. And as I was looking at it carefully a wonderful 'Sai Miracle' took place. I saw Baba inside ‘om’ perfectly with the right hand blessing (which is already there in the logo). To be more sure I kept looking & yes it was Baba that I could see. I was overwhelmed! The sight got clearer & earlier I could see only Baba's head and face, but now I could see Baba fully. It lasted for nearly 4-5secs. Then I blinked & when I reopened my eyes Baba had disappeared!

I was taken aback! I wanted to share this with Pooja immediately. Also wanted to tell her that Baba's darshan either implied for a picture to be incorporated in the logo or it was a signal to me that the logo is perfect & complete. As soon as I did share what I saw she confirmed to me that Baba has shown that the logo is complete.

Now Baba had cleared my confusion automatically even before I could state to her. Since her 1st response after knowing what happened was that Baba has shown the logo is complete I believed so. I believed that Baba in Pooja’s form cleared the confusion in my mind

When I now see the MP logo it looks completely beautiful rather it looks complete & beautiful to me.

Wishing the MP team more power & may all the glory be to our dear Baba always.

Sai Blessed Devotee!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Lesson For Life - The Universal Prayer (LFL - TUP)

SaiYugNetwork.com brings you Spiritual Venture "Lesson For Life - The Universal Prayer". A Unique Concept To Be Helpful To Lord Sai Baba Selflessly
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“Don’t stop praying I am working it out for you” was one of the Sai picture messages that I had stumbled upon once and it left me thinking quite a while. I began to think what must be Baba doing to work it out for us? To reduce the intensity of our karmas or to burn our sins does He have to do any meditation or naam jaap or something else on our behalf?

Free Wallpaper for Download, E-Books, Books, Sai Baba Shirdi Stories, History | www.shirdisaibabastories.org
I know I may sound very foolish but I somehow wanted to know or do something to help Baba Who is always ever so responsive to help His every devotees’ every sincere call! Also none can equal His love and care for all His children for whom this Universe is His home and all the creation as His children. I know we are not even a small dot in this gigantic Universe created by the Lord and it was so funny of me to think of helping the Almighty. But believe me I was desperate to do something for Baba or it was Baba Who was inspiring those thoughts with a flash of  Lesson For Life – The Universal Prayer, I still don’t understand how to frame the words exactly?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Pay Tribute To Lord Sai On 100th Anniversary Of MAHASAMADHI By Joining MAHAPARAYAN the Historical Monumental Event On Global Level!

For Those who have not read below posts but want to enrol and understand about MAHAPARAYAN I have summarised it. It is recommended to go through above posts later to understand Its essence and get connected to It wholeheartedly!
1) Shirdi Sai Baba Finally Gave Orders For Mahaparayan
2) Lord Sai Baba Himself Gave Me The Neem Leaf
3) How Baba Slowly Inspired The Thought Of Mahaparayan
4)Tests And Leelas During The Making Of Mahaparayan
5)Leelas Experienced By Members Of Mahaparayan
6) Baba Will Direct MAHAPARAYAN On Global Level
7)Now Baba Is Hinting And Inspiring To MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN

Most of you, must be aware of the sacred book “Shri Sai Satcharitra” which I always call The Magic Book as it fulfils all your desires and wards off your problems because of its enormous, Gigantic power!

Parayan means reading the complete Sai Satcharitra book with love, faith, patience and total surrender. When we complete reading the whole book with total surrender in 7 days to fulfil our any desire or just out of our love for Baba we call it as a weekly parayan. I also had heard about 40 days parayan. Baba gave the idea of single day Group parayan and had already got it implemented successfully where we divided 48 chapters amongst 48 people and completed the parayan with combined efforts purely for Baba out of love, on His Samadhi Day- Dasera, 2016. (Although there are 51 chapters, we count the paired chapters as one chapter). So each person by reading just one chapter on Dasera actually contributed for one whole parayan as they took the responsibility of reading that one chapter which was allotted to them. This Single day Parayan now formed the base of Mahaparayan (with only one group of 48 people) which was Baba’s another hint.

108 for 2: You must have often heard about various offers in malls, LIC, mutual funds and various other policies. But all those are materialistic and monetary offers. All of you must be thinking what is 108 for 2? Let me explain: Baba took His Samadhi on 15th Oct 1918, Tuesday on the occasion of Dasera. Blessed are we that we will have the opportunity to witness the Centenary Year Of Mahasamadhi in 2018 Dasera (19 October Friday) that is Completion of 100 Years Of Baba’s Mahasamadhi. The existing groups of Mahaparayan which are in action and read one chapter sequentially every Thursday would be actually completing only 2 cycles of reading the book completely (52 Thursdays in one year) that is two parayans only, but somewhere they would owe the contribution towards 108 parayans on personal level too because it can be possible only because of each other. As we have got only one year now unlike the existing groups of Mahaparayan which are in action, the new groups which would start executing from 30 September 2017 would be reading two chapters every Thursday. And as indicated in dream through mirror where I saw Hanumanji drawn out of Udi by Baba it would revolutionise all of us. Each one of us will somewhere make 5,59,872 parayans possible on global level by reading just two chapters every Thursday for one year for our lovely Baba. How? Read all the 7 posts sequentilally to know more.

So isn’t it a great offer? Although of spiritual kind where each one of us actually completes just 2 parayans but each one of us would owe contribution for 108 parayans on individual level and 5,59,872 on global level and so much positive vibes over the globe every Thursday! This is what makes it a Mahaparayan in real sense! Baba now hinting something really very BIG!

I now wish, just as we as one team (Hetalji, Kritiji, Soniaji, Subanyaji and myself) working with 108 groups for Mahaparayan, let there be so many leelas experienced by the members that 108 such teams come forward and we help them how to go about it and take this MAHAPARAYAN to an altogether different level with 6,04,66,176 parayans in one year for each one of us! You never know as what was just started from Kundan Nagar (a small area in Pune) for a single day group parayan last year Dasera; was actually laying its foundation for Mahaparayan on global level with only one such team of us as of now! So this Dasera may be Baba laying the foundation for MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN ! I know Baba You always encourage good thoughts and nothing is impossible for You! As You always say that If God Is Your Partner Make Your Plans Big and we all hope to witness Your wonderful Leela next Dasera, 2018!

As Baba says, ‘’You look to me and I look to You’’. Let us know those who are interested to form their team of 48 members and mail us at saivolunteers108@gmail.com. This will also somewhere help us greatly for Baba’s upcoming Still Bigger project if Baba wishes. Don’t worry about your schedule, responsibilities with different aspects. This I can say from my own and existing co-ordinator’s experiences that If You Take UP Baba’s work, Baba Will Take Up Your Work! You are needed for this Bigger Project!

So in short MAHAPARAYAN is a tribute to our Baba on completion of Centenary year in 2018 after all even if its our friends’ birthday we try to make them feel special. And now it’s neither golden nor silver jubilee but Centenary year of our Baba Who Is Our Everything. So don’t think even for a moment to be His instruments for upcoming project MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN, if Baba wishes! All who reading it, somewhere Baba is hinting you for His Upcoming Big Project which will start executing on the Centenary Day next year, after all it would not be an ordinary day in the Universe! So what are you waiting for? Register! Grow and Help Grow. As It’s the 100th Anniversary of Our Baba’s Samadhi, Be the instruments of Baba and grab this once in this life time opportunity and be a part of this HISTORICAL MONUMENTAL EVENT! After all Any problem, one solution –SAI..!

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Now Baba Is Hinting And Inspiring To MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN

Baba Says: If God Is Your Partner Make Your Plans Big

As had just shared yesterday the desire bubbling in heart where I now wish, just as we as one team (Hetalji, Kritiji, Soniaji and myself) working with 108 groups for Mahaparayan, let there be so many leelas experienced by the members; that 108 such teams come forward and we help them how to go about it and take this MAHAPARAYAN to an altogether different level with 6,04,66,176 parayans in one year for each one of us! You never know as what was just started from Kundan Nagar (a small area in Pune) for a single day group parayan last year Dasera; was actually laying its foundation for Mahaparayan on global level with only one such team of us on coming Dasera! So this Dasera may be Baba laying the foundation for MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN ! I know Baba You always encourage good thoughts and nothing is impossible for You! As You always say that If God Is Your Partner Make Your Plans Big and we all hope to witness Your wonderful Leela next Dasera, 2018 (Centenary Year)!

Coming to the leela which we experienced yesterday morning(9th July) and could not add in last post at last moment, which I had said would share in today’s post which we had not planned. But His ways are His ways! While writing for one of the posts, I was telling Baba that MAHAPARAYAN would be executed on global level with around 5500 devotees. This is a big number for us to monitor everything but Its such a small number with respect to Your innumerable devotees! Also there may be devotees who want to be part of It but due to our limitations we would not be able to give them a chance. Now as the dream of taking Mahaparayan from local (with 1 group) to global level (108 groups) with our wonderful team seems to come true, I now wish that 108 such teams be formed where if required we would help them how to go about it. Then on Saturday night I started writing for Sunday’s post and after I was done, I sent some test results of P-forms to Hetalji late night. When I got up, again those thoughts for 108 such teams were coming, as if were being inspired by Baba. I felt I should add to the 7th Day post to be published but I did not. Then I checked mobile to only find Hetalji’s message that internet was not working and had tried all possible means. Then I was getting convinced about Baba’s hint for next project. I then shared about it with her and said that I think Baba wants me to add to the post and if This MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN would be possible then your internet will start working, if it is so then I will add to it and then we go ahead for publishing! After two minutes she called and said internet started and we had Goosebumps and were so happy. She too was saying so far it was not working since morning and continuously she was trying some means as Guru Pournima’s post we wanted to publish ASAP and now Baba showed His leela again.

Also as I mentioned when I woke up I couldn’t stop those thoughts even though I wanted too inspite of me feeling sleepy. I was half asleep and wanted to open live darshan, but was trying to sleep for couple of minutes. Then somehow I could imagine Baba wearing yellow dress with some reddish like coloured border. When I actually saw live darshan I was stunned to see Baba’s dressing as it was Yellow and not exactly red but close to what I imagined. One more thing the width of the border was exactly the same as I had seen. That was one more hint which I felt Baba was giving, but I ignored thinking it to be co-incidence. But in Sai’s world there are Sai-Incidents and no co-incidents, this was confirmed with the internet problem as referred to above.

Not only this, the page views yesterday morning were some 90000 plus. I said Baba if it becomes above 1 lakh with 108 in it I would consider as You really signalling about the next project and its not my thoughts at random. Later I had forgot completely about it and at 11.43 pm suddenly I remembered and I went and checked to only see the page views as 108231. So it was a great Sai-Incidence for me. You can see the screenshot with 11.43 time in it (also sums upto 9)

Baba our Single Director ☺ will direct MAHAPARAYAN. The hierarchy is explained where students report their house captain, house captains to their class teacher. Then each class teacher reports about her classroom (with the help of 4 house captains) to one of the 4 Principals. The 4 principals report to our Sai about the completion of reading by each student. So in short its
4 Principals in Sai’s University
108 classrooms (1 class teacher for each classroom)
4 houses with 4 captains in each classroom
48 members would be in each classroom

One more revelation while penning down, as I always thought of number 4 as Baba (sitting posture with right leg on knees) because of the manner in which its written. But I never shared this feeling with anyone. Few days back while editing an experience which a devotee had shared on exact lines where she/he too thinks 4 as Baba and I am really thankful to that devotee. I was amazed and had Goosebumps and thought that there are people who think similarly and I am not mad. Now I won’t mind even if people think so. If Baba had not made me edit that experience, I wouldn’t have shared this revelation. I am thankful to that devotee. At each hierarchy except at teacher’s level the number 4 is somehow there that means Sai would be involved everywhere in all 108 classrooms. And where as the teachers are concerned they are equivalent to God . So it would be a moral responsibility of each student to do their homework every Thursday before the day gets over and report the concerned person where Sai in their form is Himself monitoring You!

Also on these lines, when I was going to office was thinking about MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN. I thought although Baba giving very strong hints, I don’t think that 108 teams may come forward. Just then I remembered Baba’s quote, “Is there anything that cannot be accomplished with God on your Side?’’ and I said Sai if I see 74 that means every moment You are with me and the upcoming project You are hinting and not just my imagination. Lo! Can you believe the vehicle just in front of me had the number 74 (4 for Baba and 7 for with me, as 7 is called Saath in Hindi ☺) I was stunned, no words. I had thought I would not share this atleast but Baba is making me type!

As you all know the technical problems we are facing for registration I was surrounded with many doubts and the above write up also couldn’t be published yesterday. At night Hetalji said there is something missing and Baba will show us soon and shared with me beautiful bhajans composed and sung by bhaiya Ranaji ‘Sai teri leela kabhi samajh nahi pau me neem k patte tune mithe banaye hain…’. I was happy to hear it again and was humming it since it then. Baba is surely doing everything and connecting dots and this you will understand from the following leela. My son’s school bag’s zip had got ruined and even the teacher had passed on the message to either mend it or change the bag. But as I was busy I did not get time to mend it and managed with other compartments. Today morning I took Baba’s Udi and said to Baba, “I don’t know whether You will laugh at my behaviour or get angry for my testing attitude as You may feel or get irritated as I trouble You for such petty things. I know You may say ‘Use candle why Udi for it.’ But right now I don’t have time to even search for one. It may seem impossible that with Udi the zip gets repaired, but I trust Your Udi and I always consider It as Ram Baan for everything. If by putting Udi the zip gets repaired I will consider that This MAHAPARAYAN project which seems impossible with ongoing tests (It only seems but Baba will do it) will become possible just like this zip You will connect the dots and complete the project. Rest its all Your wish and You do what You feel is best. And I closed my eyes and put it on the runner and lo it got closed which could not get closed inspite of repeated efforts and tricks used by mom-in-law past 15 days! Can You believe it? I was so happy and said If we have faith and surrender Baba will fulfil smallest of our desires.

To add to this the missing thing Baba was hinting me to write this too. Yesterday (10th July) our team was blessed with Subanyaji. Out of so many registrations for P-forms received I pinned from my personal number to her asking her to take up few responsibilities for New Zealand. Although I tried to postpone doing so but Baba was doing it. You will be surprised to know this Baba’s leela. Subanyaji was so happy and said last night she was crying as she could not register and thought that only India people got chance and so on as on first come first serve basis. And now Baba had assigned her one of the major roles. She also said although she never followed blog regularly she somehow feels Baba made her read all 7 days posts for Guru Pournima and she always felt Why Can’t I be in admin team? I too had goosebumps to know when she said It was the best gift from Baba for Guru Pournima as well as her birthday which is on 12th July. Not only this few days back she told her husband that she would be taking a break for 3 months from work (although no reasons as such). To add to it she was the one whom I was looking for and she turned out to be an expertise with excel and all work related to it only. In addition to it she also shared few things which were answers to my worries related to few things of Mahaparayan like import and export of contacts in I-phone from excel etc. Where is New Zealand and Where is Pune? How from so many mails Baba chose her and connected us. (ch 15 story of two lizards) And on top of this I am now typing all this as if Baba wishing her through this write up “Happy Birthday Subanya!”. Baba is dropping His chosen gems in our basket one by one and now I am sure I can get through project of MahaParayan easily.

So apt is Ranaji’s song “Sai teri leela kabhi samajh nahi pau me..tera hi sada gungaan gaun me..” So now only 81 days left for 30th September, Dasera (for Baba actually) where He will start executing the Mahaparayan. Give us sometime to get permanent solution and Baba is planning on bigger scale. So when something goes wrong He is making us learn from it and improve and work as per His desire.

So each of you who enroll for MAHAPARAYAN would be the instruments for His upcoming project. You can keep enrolling through P-forms. We wouldn’t mind seeing the technical issues we faced yesterday that each of you who wish to serve out of box and out of love to Baba and come up with your own team of 48 people and mail us in excel format all the fields required in P-form. This would make the process faster and easier as we have very less time. Through this Baba would certainly polish you and emerge great leadership qualities. What all is required is love and willingness to serve Baba, rest all the things Baba worry for His project. If you go out of box for Him, He too would acknowledge it the same way. As Baba says, ‘’You look to me and I look to You’’. Let us know those who are interested to form their team of 48 members and mail us at saivolunteers108@gmail.com. This will also somewhere help us greatly for Baba’s upcoming Still Bigger project if Baba wishes. Don’t worry about your schedule, responsibilities with different aspects. This I can say from my own and existing co-ordinator’s experiences that If You Take UP Baba’s work, Baba Will Take Up Your Work! You are needed for this Bigger Project!

This was another picture message through Baba that I came across yesterday night and thought Baba is again giving His hint towards His upcoming project MAHA MAHAPARAYAN next Dasera.

HOPE is wishing something will happen

FAITH is believing something will happen

COURAGE is making something happen and

PATIENCE is waiting for something to happen…


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Baba Will Direct MAHAPARAYAN On Global Level

Baba says, "I Pull Only Those Who Are Mine Like A String Tied through A Thread, No Matter How Far The Devotee Is" and this you all will soon practically understand through Mahaparayan, as Baba will pull all His sparrows spread across the world. There is a reason behind everything. If you are here and reading this then try to understand that Baba has chosen you to be a part of Mahaparayan and your life would not be same again. As you must have realised through The Neem Leaf post that Baba had a reason for I was not able to write past so many months as He wanted to give direct orders for Mahaparayan and thus the surprise to all His children on Guru Pournima! His timing is just perfect!


As said in the previous post Mahaparayan is Parayan on global level where 108 groups with 48 members each; needs to be formed. Here each devotee would be paying His tribute to Baba for completing His 100 years of Mahasamadhi in Dasera, 2018 by taking up Baba’s responsibility of reading 2 chapters every Thursday. Although each devotee would complete only 2 cycles of complete book in one year by reading 2 chapters every Thursday, still the devotee would owe contribution for 108 parayans on an individual level and 5,59,872 on global level (108*48*108) as it would be only possible because of each of them coming forward and helping to form 108 groups, as little drops of water make mighty ocean! With each other’s help only we can make it possible to complete 108 parayans at individual level for each one of us. So each one of you is like a little drop of water where if we come together we would make the mighty ocean of 5,59,872 Parayans for our Baba! I think this would be nothing in comparison to what Baba would do for us! Although we are doing only out of love for Baba, our Baba always gives returns for the services, that too many folds! As indicated in dream through mirror, Hanumanji and washroom, He would wash our sins and revolutionise us!

As in yesterday’s post we saw in leelas experienced by the existing members of MAHAPARAYAN where Baba gave practical exposure for Mahaparayan to us like Das Ganu (ch 20) by initiating at local and then national level. The various leelas clearly proves that It is Baba Who is directing all; who will read what and when? He is our Director and we are just His puppets. To make it simpler to understand the working of Mahaparayan imagine yourself as already the student of the University named SAI. This course named MAHAPARAYAN would commence in this University on 30th September 2017, The Sacred Dasera Day. Out of the various applications received only 5000 applicants would be filtered on the first come first served basis. Only if you provide correct information in terms of your full name, whats app number, email-id your application would be considered.

So for this course MAHAPARAYAN there would be 108 classrooms with 108 class teachers (one each). In each classroom there would be only 48 students. These 48 students would be divided into 4 houses: Red, Blue, Green And Yellow with four house captains respectively. In each house there would be 12 students. So now it will be a moral responsibility of each student to read their allotted chapter and report along with their roll no, name and chapter read in their class ( whats app group of 48 people). The house captain should keep a track of his members (12 students) and report on the same group about his house that his house is done when every member of his house completes the reading. So each class teacher with the help of 4 house captains monitors one classroom of 48 students and when done it is the responsibility of the class teacher to report to the principal that her classroom number has successfully completed the reading. So there will be one whats app group having all 108 class teachers and 4 principals. So each of these 4 principals will take responsibility of getting the work done from 27 class teachers . Then the 4 principals would finally report to our single Director Baba ☺ So there would be 110 whats app group formed. { 108(classrooms) + 1 for all class-teachers and principals+ 1 with only 4 principals)} The various groups at various levels would be formed according to the countries and their time zones! So it will take time for preparation!

Still if you have not understood anything don’t worry. All you need to understand is every Thursday you need to read two chapters which are allotted to you and report on the whats app group that you would be later added after you register and fill the P-forms here. You need to take the responsibility of reading and reporting 2 chapters every Thursday. That is all you need to do from your end.

As if Even if it’s our friends’ birthday, we try to make them feel special, then wouldn’t you want to make Baba feel special? So what are you thinking, come forward, read, volunteer and revolutionise yourself and others too through you. This is once in a time opportunity knocking at you to do something for our Baba, after all its neither silver nor golden jubilee, but the centenary year of our Dear Baba! Believe me although Baba will test us and polish us as we also saw in Day 5 post, each one of us would not be same again.

Every moment is a bliss and full of goosebumps in the journey of MAHAPARAYAN. In yesterday’s post I had mentioned Shweta Agarwal. She says although she experienced Babas’s leelas and did her duty as told, somewhere she felt Krishna is Only her everything and went off to sleep after reading yesterday’s post. She then got a dream where Baba came with me to her and said, "Tu Hamari Itni Pariksha Kyu Le Rahi Hai?” (Why are you testing us so much?) She was moved and called the next moment! Many more members then messaged me their experiences too. One of them being where Neetuji said her daughter Vibha after undergoing one surgery she prayed Baba and was saved from series of operations only by grace of Baba!

Although fully packed with responsibilities still loving IT a lot..! I really thank from the bottom of my heart to all the existing members and wonderful co-ordinators because of whom this day has become possible. Along with strong pillars like Meghaji, Monicaji, Neha Gupta, Neha Goyal all the volunteers played their role well. Specially Nikki ji’s group almost everytime bags the credit of completing first! Hemaji too made it sure that while on a vacation to Australia she delegated her responsibility to able hands for time being but saw to it that she read her chapter from Australia and somehow even conveyed her message too. Baba, always bless her for her great sense of responsibility! Some of them said that inspite of busy schedule they volunteered and Baba helped them. If they took up Baba’s work, Baba took up their work and also helped them to emerge with great leadership qualities! They are also very thankful to be a part of this Historical Event. All my team of co-ordinators are Masterpieces chosen by Baba for this divine initiative as wouldn’t have been possible without them!

When Baba had first inspired the thought for global level I had asked in prashnavali about it and it gave answers like, ‘Desire will be fulfilled…You alone can’t complete the work… You will get help from many people. You will meet saintly person. Work will be completed with help of some number of women ( I don’t remember the count). Keep all your worries aside just trust Baba! Baba will do everything, we just need to be the instruments and love and willingness to serve Him and obey His command. We would need almost 500 volunteers. Surely Baba would collect His gems in the basket. Would you like to be Baba’s instrument?

So isn’t it a great offer? Although of spiritual kind where each one of us actually completes just 2 parayans but each one of us would owe contribution for 108 parayans on individual level and 5,59,872 on global level and so much positive vibes over the globe every Thursday! This is what makes it a Mahaparayan in real sense! Baba now hinting something really very BIG! From yesterday Baba is hinting MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN. This Baba is really very naughty! I now wish, just as we as one team (Hetalji, Kritiji, Soniaji and myself) working with 108 groups for Mahaparayan, let there be so many leelas experienced by the members that 108 such teams come forward and we help them how to go about it and take this MAHAPARAYAN to an altogether different level with 6,04,66,176 parayans in one year for each one of us! You never know as what was just started from Kundan Nagar (a small area in Pune) for a single day group parayan last year Dasera; was actually laying its foundation for Mahaparayan on global level with only one such team of us! So this Dasera may be Baba laying the foundation for MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN! I know Baba You always encourage good thoughts and nothing is impossible for You! As You always say that If God Is Your Partner Make Your Plans Big and we all hope to witness Your wonderful Leela next Dasera, 2018! Love You Baba!!! (Just experienced another Leela as Baba hinting towards this upcoming MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN! As now today’s post needs to be published would add on to the next post which was not in our plans! So stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. Really Excited!) So if that be then all those who enroll for MAHAPARAYAN this year would actually then be His instruments for Baba’s next upcoming project MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN!

So don’t think even for a moment to be His instruments for MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN, if Baba wishes! All who reading it, somewhere Baba is hinting you for His Upcoming Big Project which will start executing on the Centenary Day next year, after all it would not be an ordinary day in the Universe! So what are you waiting for? Grow and Help Grow. As It’s the 100th Anniversary of Our Baba’s Samadhi, Be the instruments of Baba and grab this once in this life time opportunity and be a part of this HISTORICAL MONUMENTAL EVENT! After all Any problem, one solution – SAI..!
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