Now Baba Is Hinting And Inspiring To MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN

Baba Says: If God Is Your Partner Make Your Plans Big

As had just shared yesterday the desire bubbling in heart where I now wish, just as we as one team (Hetalji, Kritiji, Soniaji and myself) working with 108 groups for Mahaparayan, let there be so many leelas experienced by the members; that 108 such teams come forward and we help them how to go about it and take this MAHAPARAYAN to an altogether different level with 6,04,66,176 parayans in one year for each one of us! You never know as what was just started from Kundan Nagar (a small area in Pune) for a single day group parayan last year Dasera; was actually laying its foundation for Mahaparayan on global level with only one such team of us on coming Dasera! So this Dasera may be Baba laying the foundation for MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN ! I know Baba You always encourage good thoughts and nothing is impossible for You! As You always say that If God Is Your Partner Make Your Plans Big and we all hope to witness Your wonderful Leela next Dasera, 2018 (Centenary Year)!

Coming to the leela which we experienced yesterday morning(9th July) and could not add in last post at last moment, which I had said would share in today’s post which we had not planned. But His ways are His ways! While writing for one of the posts, I was telling Baba that MAHAPARAYAN would be executed on global level with around 5500 devotees. This is a big number for us to monitor everything but Its such a small number with respect to Your innumerable devotees! Also there may be devotees who want to be part of It but due to our limitations we would not be able to give them a chance. Now as the dream of taking Mahaparayan from local (with 1 group) to global level (108 groups) with our wonderful team seems to come true, I now wish that 108 such teams be formed where if required we would help them how to go about it. Then on Saturday night I started writing for Sunday’s post and after I was done, I sent some test results of P-forms to Hetalji late night. When I got up, again those thoughts for 108 such teams were coming, as if were being inspired by Baba. I felt I should add to the 7th Day post to be published but I did not. Then I checked mobile to only find Hetalji’s message that internet was not working and had tried all possible means. Then I was getting convinced about Baba’s hint for next project. I then shared about it with her and said that I think Baba wants me to add to the post and if This MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN would be possible then your internet will start working, if it is so then I will add to it and then we go ahead for publishing! After two minutes she called and said internet started and we had Goosebumps and were so happy. She too was saying so far it was not working since morning and continuously she was trying some means as Guru Pournima’s post we wanted to publish ASAP and now Baba showed His leela again.

Also as I mentioned when I woke up I couldn’t stop those thoughts even though I wanted too inspite of me feeling sleepy. I was half asleep and wanted to open live darshan, but was trying to sleep for couple of minutes. Then somehow I could imagine Baba wearing yellow dress with some reddish like coloured border. When I actually saw live darshan I was stunned to see Baba’s dressing as it was Yellow and not exactly red but close to what I imagined. One more thing the width of the border was exactly the same as I had seen. That was one more hint which I felt Baba was giving, but I ignored thinking it to be co-incidence. But in Sai’s world there are Sai-Incidents and no co-incidents, this was confirmed with the internet problem as referred to above.

Not only this, the page views yesterday morning were some 90000 plus. I said Baba if it becomes above 1 lakh with 108 in it I would consider as You really signalling about the next project and its not my thoughts at random. Later I had forgot completely about it and at 11.43 pm suddenly I remembered and I went and checked to only see the page views as 108231. So it was a great Sai-Incidence for me. You can see the screenshot with 11.43 time in it (also sums upto 9)

Baba our Single Director ☺ will direct MAHAPARAYAN. The hierarchy is explained where students report their house captain, house captains to their class teacher. Then each class teacher reports about her classroom (with the help of 4 house captains) to one of the 4 Principals. The 4 principals report to our Sai about the completion of reading by each student. So in short its
4 Principals in Sai’s University
108 classrooms (1 class teacher for each classroom)
4 houses with 4 captains in each classroom
48 members would be in each classroom

One more revelation while penning down, as I always thought of number 4 as Baba (sitting posture with right leg on knees) because of the manner in which its written. But I never shared this feeling with anyone. Few days back while editing an experience which a devotee had shared on exact lines where she/he too thinks 4 as Baba and I am really thankful to that devotee. I was amazed and had Goosebumps and thought that there are people who think similarly and I am not mad. Now I won’t mind even if people think so. If Baba had not made me edit that experience, I wouldn’t have shared this revelation. I am thankful to that devotee. At each hierarchy except at teacher’s level the number 4 is somehow there that means Sai would be involved everywhere in all 108 classrooms. And where as the teachers are concerned they are equivalent to God . So it would be a moral responsibility of each student to do their homework every Thursday before the day gets over and report the concerned person where Sai in their form is Himself monitoring You!

Also on these lines, when I was going to office was thinking about MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN. I thought although Baba giving very strong hints, I don’t think that 108 teams may come forward. Just then I remembered Baba’s quote, “Is there anything that cannot be accomplished with God on your Side?’’ and I said Sai if I see 74 that means every moment You are with me and the upcoming project You are hinting and not just my imagination. Lo! Can you believe the vehicle just in front of me had the number 74 (4 for Baba and 7 for with me, as 7 is called Saath in Hindi ☺) I was stunned, no words. I had thought I would not share this atleast but Baba is making me type!

As you all know the technical problems we are facing for registration I was surrounded with many doubts and the above write up also couldn’t be published yesterday. At night Hetalji said there is something missing and Baba will show us soon and shared with me beautiful bhajans composed and sung by bhaiya Ranaji ‘Sai teri leela kabhi samajh nahi pau me neem k patte tune mithe banaye hain…’. I was happy to hear it again and was humming it since it then. Baba is surely doing everything and connecting dots and this you will understand from the following leela. My son’s school bag’s zip had got ruined and even the teacher had passed on the message to either mend it or change the bag. But as I was busy I did not get time to mend it and managed with other compartments. Today morning I took Baba’s Udi and said to Baba, “I don’t know whether You will laugh at my behaviour or get angry for my testing attitude as You may feel or get irritated as I trouble You for such petty things. I know You may say ‘Use candle why Udi for it.’ But right now I don’t have time to even search for one. It may seem impossible that with Udi the zip gets repaired, but I trust Your Udi and I always consider It as Ram Baan for everything. If by putting Udi the zip gets repaired I will consider that This MAHAPARAYAN project which seems impossible with ongoing tests (It only seems but Baba will do it) will become possible just like this zip You will connect the dots and complete the project. Rest its all Your wish and You do what You feel is best. And I closed my eyes and put it on the runner and lo it got closed which could not get closed inspite of repeated efforts and tricks used by mom-in-law past 15 days! Can You believe it? I was so happy and said If we have faith and surrender Baba will fulfil smallest of our desires.

To add to this the missing thing Baba was hinting me to write this too. Yesterday (10th July) our team was blessed with Subanyaji. Out of so many registrations for P-forms received I pinned from my personal number to her asking her to take up few responsibilities for New Zealand. Although I tried to postpone doing so but Baba was doing it. You will be surprised to know this Baba’s leela. Subanyaji was so happy and said last night she was crying as she could not register and thought that only India people got chance and so on as on first come first serve basis. And now Baba had assigned her one of the major roles. She also said although she never followed blog regularly she somehow feels Baba made her read all 7 days posts for Guru Pournima and she always felt Why Can’t I be in admin team? I too had goosebumps to know when she said It was the best gift from Baba for Guru Pournima as well as her birthday which is on 12th July. Not only this few days back she told her husband that she would be taking a break for 3 months from work (although no reasons as such). To add to it she was the one whom I was looking for and she turned out to be an expertise with excel and all work related to it only. In addition to it she also shared few things which were answers to my worries related to few things of Mahaparayan like import and export of contacts in I-phone from excel etc. Where is New Zealand and Where is Pune? How from so many mails Baba chose her and connected us. (ch 15 story of two lizards) And on top of this I am now typing all this as if Baba wishing her through this write up “Happy Birthday Subanya!”. Baba is dropping His chosen gems in our basket one by one and now I am sure I can get through project of MahaParayan easily.

So apt is Ranaji’s song “Sai teri leela kabhi samajh nahi pau me..tera hi sada gungaan gaun me..” So now only 81 days left for 30th September, Dasera (for Baba actually) where He will start executing the Mahaparayan. Give us sometime to get permanent solution and Baba is planning on bigger scale. So when something goes wrong He is making us learn from it and improve and work as per His desire.

So each of you who enroll for MAHAPARAYAN would be the instruments for His upcoming project. You can keep enrolling through P-forms. We wouldn’t mind seeing the technical issues we faced yesterday that each of you who wish to serve out of box and out of love to Baba and come up with your own team of 48 people and mail us in excel format all the fields required in P-form. This would make the process faster and easier as we have very less time. Through this Baba would certainly polish you and emerge great leadership qualities. What all is required is love and willingness to serve Baba, rest all the things Baba worry for His project. If you go out of box for Him, He too would acknowledge it the same way. As Baba says, ‘’You look to me and I look to You’’. Let us know those who are interested to form their team of 48 members and mail us at This will also somewhere help us greatly for Baba’s upcoming Still Bigger project if Baba wishes. Don’t worry about your schedule, responsibilities with different aspects. This I can say from my own and existing co-ordinator’s experiences that If You Take UP Baba’s work, Baba Will Take Up Your Work! You are needed for this Bigger Project!

This was another picture message through Baba that I came across yesterday night and thought Baba is again giving His hint towards His upcoming project MAHA MAHAPARAYAN next Dasera.

HOPE is wishing something will happen

FAITH is believing something will happen

COURAGE is making something happen and

PATIENCE is waiting for something to happen…


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