Pay Tribute To Lord Sai On 100th Anniversary Of MAHASAMADHI By Joining MAHAPARAYAN the Historical Monumental Event On Global Level!

For Those who have not read below posts but want to enrol and understand about MAHAPARAYAN I have summarised it. It is recommended to go through above posts later to understand Its essence and get connected to It wholeheartedly!
1) Shirdi Sai Baba Finally Gave Orders For Mahaparayan
2) Lord Sai Baba Himself Gave Me The Neem Leaf
3) How Baba Slowly Inspired The Thought Of Mahaparayan
4)Tests And Leelas During The Making Of Mahaparayan
5)Leelas Experienced By Members Of Mahaparayan
6) Baba Will Direct MAHAPARAYAN On Global Level
7)Now Baba Is Hinting And Inspiring To MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN

Most of you, must be aware of the sacred book “Shri Sai Satcharitra” which I always call The Magic Book as it fulfils all your desires and wards off your problems because of its enormous, Gigantic power!

Parayan means reading the complete Sai Satcharitra book with love, faith, patience and total surrender. When we complete reading the whole book with total surrender in 7 days to fulfil our any desire or just out of our love for Baba we call it as a weekly parayan. I also had heard about 40 days parayan. Baba gave the idea of single day Group parayan and had already got it implemented successfully where we divided 48 chapters amongst 48 people and completed the parayan with combined efforts purely for Baba out of love, on His Samadhi Day- Dasera, 2016. (Although there are 51 chapters, we count the paired chapters as one chapter). So each person by reading just one chapter on Dasera actually contributed for one whole parayan as they took the responsibility of reading that one chapter which was allotted to them. This Single day Parayan now formed the base of Mahaparayan (with only one group of 48 people) which was Baba’s another hint.

108 for 2: You must have often heard about various offers in malls, LIC, mutual funds and various other policies. But all those are materialistic and monetary offers. All of you must be thinking what is 108 for 2? Let me explain: Baba took His Samadhi on 15th Oct 1918, Tuesday on the occasion of Dasera. Blessed are we that we will have the opportunity to witness the Centenary Year Of Mahasamadhi in 2018 Dasera (19 October Friday) that is Completion of 100 Years Of Baba’s Mahasamadhi. The existing groups of Mahaparayan which are in action and read one chapter sequentially every Thursday would be actually completing only 2 cycles of reading the book completely (52 Thursdays in one year) that is two parayans only, but somewhere they would owe the contribution towards 108 parayans on personal level too because it can be possible only because of each other. As we have got only one year now unlike the existing groups of Mahaparayan which are in action, the new groups which would start executing from 30 September 2017 would be reading two chapters every Thursday. And as indicated in dream through mirror where I saw Hanumanji drawn out of Udi by Baba it would revolutionise all of us. Each one of us will somewhere make 5,59,872 parayans possible on global level by reading just two chapters every Thursday for one year for our lovely Baba. How? Read all the 7 posts sequentilally to know more.

So isn’t it a great offer? Although of spiritual kind where each one of us actually completes just 2 parayans but each one of us would owe contribution for 108 parayans on individual level and 5,59,872 on global level and so much positive vibes over the globe every Thursday! This is what makes it a Mahaparayan in real sense! Baba now hinting something really very BIG!

I now wish, just as we as one team (Hetalji, Kritiji, Soniaji, Subanyaji and myself) working with 108 groups for Mahaparayan, let there be so many leelas experienced by the members that 108 such teams come forward and we help them how to go about it and take this MAHAPARAYAN to an altogether different level with 6,04,66,176 parayans in one year for each one of us! You never know as what was just started from Kundan Nagar (a small area in Pune) for a single day group parayan last year Dasera; was actually laying its foundation for Mahaparayan on global level with only one such team of us as of now! So this Dasera may be Baba laying the foundation for MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN ! I know Baba You always encourage good thoughts and nothing is impossible for You! As You always say that If God Is Your Partner Make Your Plans Big and we all hope to witness Your wonderful Leela next Dasera, 2018!

As Baba says, ‘’You look to me and I look to You’’. Let us know those who are interested to form their team of 48 members and mail us at This will also somewhere help us greatly for Baba’s upcoming Still Bigger project if Baba wishes. Don’t worry about your schedule, responsibilities with different aspects. This I can say from my own and existing co-ordinator’s experiences that If You Take UP Baba’s work, Baba Will Take Up Your Work! You are needed for this Bigger Project!

So in short MAHAPARAYAN is a tribute to our Baba on completion of Centenary year in 2018 after all even if its our friends’ birthday we try to make them feel special. And now it’s neither golden nor silver jubilee but Centenary year of our Baba Who Is Our Everything. So don’t think even for a moment to be His instruments for upcoming project MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN, if Baba wishes! All who reading it, somewhere Baba is hinting you for His Upcoming Big Project which will start executing on the Centenary Day next year, after all it would not be an ordinary day in the Universe! So what are you waiting for? Register! Grow and Help Grow. As It’s the 100th Anniversary of Our Baba’s Samadhi, Be the instruments of Baba and grab this once in this life time opportunity and be a part of this HISTORICAL MONUMENTAL EVENT! After all Any problem, one solution –SAI..!

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  1. Om Sairam. Please don't consider only 108 groups this year. Consider all the people who have filled the form. I am sure baba will allow all the people who have registered for this great cause. Please ask baba with chits. Don't just stick with limited numbers….
    Sai Ram

    • Yes if Baba wishes anything can happen. We first need to form 108 groups with 48 people in each group. If more people enrol then definitely we will find some way to consider them. Sairam

  2. Om Sai Ram <3 I have registered for MahaParayan at first i.e. before this blog was created. i filled form and got msg that i have registered successfully. is it enough or should i reg again?

    • Om SaiRam, I too have already registered and have received acknowledgement in my inbox by early July itself.But after that there is no communication. Are the groups finalised? Kindly confirm.

  3. i have registered through p-form today. looking forward to be part of this global spiritual movement. Om sai ram. May you get great success in all your endeavours poojaji.

    • You can also serve by telling as many people as u can to register. Atleast two people and ask them to do the same. sairam

  4. Sai Ram everyone..
    For the add to watsaap group for Mahaparayan
    you can drop a message to 8249771887
    Sai Ram

  5. Om Sai Ram ,
    All those who are interested to join the Mahaparayan . We can help to get you added to the watsapp group . Please contact 9637813567

    I have resisted for mahaparayan through P-form, however did not receive mail. Will the mail be delivered immediately after registration

    • Om Sai Ram
      Saritha ji you can directly join the watsapp group , it would be considered as registered .. we will be sharing the contacts to organisers . Please contact 9637813567

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