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Mahaparayan is a Mahayagna that Baba has started to burn our sins, vices and bless us with the warmth of His blessings and love. One of the best offerings in this Mahayagna could be getting your known ones to be a part of this Mahayagna by sharing His leelas with others so as seeing our faith their faith should boost up. It would be the best thanksgiving to Baba and a seva too. Its like sprinkling rose water where the one who sprinkles it also feels the fragrance each time. So let us thank Baba and share His some leelas and help someone knowingly and unknowingly. Baba Himself is directing and executing this Global Mahaparayan, be rest assured about it! Spread the goodness and the Universe will return it to you in multifolds!

As we all know, this year’s Dussehra holds more importance compared to others as it falls on 15th October 2021, and Baba took Mahasamadhi on Dusshera October 15, 1918. This year the date and tithi are coinciding which makes it more special! We don’t know when again and after how many years we would be able to witness the same. With these thoughts running in my mind I felt very lucky to have come across such an event in my lifetime. I was thinking how to celebrate it in a very special way to mark its significance and what could we do for Baba?

Global Mahaparayan has always been very close to my soul and I feel really very blessed to be chosen by Baba to initiate the venture and designated as “So Called Founder”. I believe that Baba is the actual Founder and I along with the entire Global Mahaparayan team are His mere instruments. The members of MahaParayan must be aware that figure shown by Baba as count of the member of this global drive is 60466176 (and beyond). I am quoting again for the devotees who came here for the first time. For the last one and half year, the entire team of Mahaparayan’s blessed volunteers have been striving to achieve its first milestone with 559872 devotees, thus completing and offering N1 [sub university of Nandadeep (N1 to N108)] with 559872 devotees at Baba’s Lotus Feet. Many attempts were made but Baba has His own timings. Not a leaf will move without His consent and everything happens as per His will.

It was 19th September, 2021 when I was trying to meditate. Constant thoughts were popping like how nice it would be if we could offer N1 at Baba’s feet on this special Dussehra and announce the allocation of sub Universities N2, N3, N4 and N5 to the aspiring Deans! How nice and auspicious would it be for the Deans also to take up this new role or seva from Baba on Dussehra which is considered as the most auspicious time for starting up any new venture? Time is less than a month and I was asking Baba for guidance to achieve the milestone. Just then I felt as if Baba was reminding (actually guiding in disguise of reminding), that during 2017 Dussehra when Mahaparayan was getting established globally we required 5000 devotees. Then with Baba’s guidance of 2 paise dakhina (each one adds two devotees to MP) we could achieve that milestone in just 17 days which we were unable to do in the past two months in 2017. I felt that the things were repeating but the only difference was that we were short of around 50000 devotees and the days left were nearly the same. There was also a small difference of a big ‘0’ and it carries huge valuable. That time with a team of 350 devotees, extreme hard work, dedication and devotion Baba blessed us with 7500 devotees while we had actually prayed for just 5000 devotees. This happened only after complete surrender to Him on 23rd Aug 2017 as we had got just 350 registrations over a period of almost 2 months. Since now (2021) we have a huge team of almost 5 lakhs of MP devotees, 50000 devotees seems achievable.

I was trying hard to meditate, when suddenly a thought came, “On 15th October 1918 Dussehra, Baba had given Maa Laxmibai Shinde 9 coins representing the nine characteristics of a good disciple or Nava Vidha Bhakti, similarly this year 15th October 2021 Dussehra, if every MP devotee offers dakshina of 9 coins to Baba in the form of 9 members for the Global Mahaparayan, then we shall be blessed by Baba and also many new souls will be enlightened to Baba’s path of Mahaparayan in this Kaliyuga. This would not be less than any great seva and it would definitely please Baba. It would be one of the best offering at His feet on this special Dussehra of 15th October!” With this I gave up on my meditation and opened my eyes and tried to rush as it was Ganpati Visarjan day and there was also a Satyanarayan Puja at home. Although I was in a hurry and with full of tears of happiness or gratitude or due to Baba’s grace (whatever it was) I went to Baba’s big photo on the wall of our study room and bowed down to His feet. I said, “Baba I don’t know if this thought was inspired by You or it was my own thinking, please, please make this happen. I know it would be very difficult but not impossible with Your grace. You have been constantly asking me to read Gurucharitra for the past few days but I haven’t been able to read It. Today is a very busy day but still I would like to attempt to read It in a single day. I don’t know how but I will give my best; amidst fulfilling my family responsibilities. If I am able to complete It today (which seems impossible) then I will consider it as Your assurance for the successful execution of offering Dakshina of 9 coins in the form of 9 devotees to achieve the first milestone of Global Mahaparayan (559872 devotees).”

Actually a few days prior to this I had a dream where I saw a very old book (the pages had turned yellowish). It was as big as two feet and seemed to have thousands of pages. In dream, I saw my mother in the form of Sai Baba. Sai Baba was having my mom’s face and S(He) was telling me, “Pooja, this is Gurucharitra!” I replied something like, “I know” and the dream ended. When I woke up I thought that Baba was asking me to read GuruCharitra again. I had already read it a few days back, I read it at least once in a year during the Guru Pournima week. So after the dream I got other hints from Baba through the allocated chapters like 18-19 etc. to read Gurucharitra, or my two different neighbours suddenly asking me about Gurucharitra on the same day. I also started reading It but couldn’t complete it in a week’s time and so I gave up on It and decided to restart which I couldn’t until it was the Ganesh Visarjan day (19th September, 2021).

Coming back to the Visarjan Day, after bowing before Baba’s big photo on the wall in our study room, I was worried about what I had said? I was thinking that it is very hectic day and I was little occupied with happenings around me like Satyanarayan Pooja, Visarjan, kids, family responsibilities and above all these my mother-in-law had asked me and my husband to sit for the pooja. I said, “Baba I don’t know how but with You on our side anything is possible! I will give my best and You help me to live my today’s day with the best version of myself.”

The day started, Satyanarayan puja and visarjan rituals etc. were done. In between whenever I got time I managed to read a few pages of Gurucharitra. Luckily it was an off day for my husband as Maharashtra was closed that day and he took care of the kids and helped me at his best. After 4 pm I was free and started reading Gurucharitra. With few breaks for other responsibilities I completed the entire Gurucharitra reading by 12.10 am of 20th September. I felt bad that despite trying hard I fell short by 10 minutes. I was still very happy that I was able to read It again this year as per Baba’s wish and that for the first time I could manage to read It in a single day (approximately in 5 hours) that too with such a busy day which I had never done before. But that 10 minutes delay was putting doubts in my mind for the execution and success of the project ‘Dakshina of 9 coins’.

Next day 20th September, I was still thinking about “Dakshina of 9 coins” but did not actually start working on it due to the delay of those 10 minutes. In the evening it was 7 and I took up Satcharitra to read my allocated chapter 42 for daily reading (365 Days Sai). I thought, “How nice it would have been, if today I would have had the daily reading chapter as 43-44 where Baba gave 9 coins to Laxmibai on 15th October! If so, then I could have considered this as another hint from Baba for this project of Dakshina of 9 coins. But alas today I have chapter 42 and not 43-44.” I knew that chapter 42 was about Baba’s Mahasamadhi but somewhere I had presumed that chapter 43-44 had the Laxmibai Shinde story of 9 coins. When I started reading chapter 42, a different kind of thrill set in my body to read the contents of the chapter at the very beginning itself. Yes, the contents had the words ‘Charity to Laxmibai Shinde!’ Then further to confirm, my monkey mind said, “Baba if I complete this chapter in 9 minutes then I will be convinced that it’s You behind all this and these are not my random thoughts”. So I started reading Chapter 42 at 7.15 pm and by the time I completed my reading; I again had a goosebump moment to see the time in my digital watch as exactly 7.24 pm! I was amazed to see that exactly in 9 minutes the reading was satisfactorily and soulfully completed. Neither a minute less nor more! It was enough for me to understand that this project of Dakshina of 9 Coins was purely and purely Baba’s inspiration only! But Baba did not stop here. I was randomly scrolling my whatsapp messages and out of thousands of messages I opened up a message from an Unknown number (later on saved the number).

Here is the screenshot, please do read the contents, as I haven’t repeated in the post below. MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Usually with lot many messages from known and unknown numbers, as a normal human with limitations; I leave it to Baba to decide when and which message He will make me read. Living in various spheres of family, social, spiritual, professional and personal responsibilities, many times I miss replying to messages in Whatsapp which are even six months old or more.

See Baba’s leela now, the name Lakshmi was again put into the context and somewhere through this message Baba was inspiring for this project with the success story of Mahaparayan one more time! Why out of so many messages I happened to open that message, which Divyaji had actually sent on September 15th? Why did Baba not make me open it before 20th September or after six months as it usually happens? The answer is simple that these were ‘Sai incidences and not coincidences.’ I had met Divyaji in February 2019, at a Reiki Healing Workshop conducted by Jaya Wahi Di Jaan at Pune. We had exchanged our numbers and I had asked her if she would like to be a member of Mahaparayan. But Baba has His own timings to pull His devotees in MP and so it happened with Divyaji.

So with all these Sai incidences at night I said to Baba, “Baba its not so easy to get 9 devotees, neither is it impossible. Before proceeding with the execution of this project of Yours, I would like to first try myself and then tell others. As whoever knows me or whomever I know is already a part of MP to the best of my knowledge, still I would give my best shot to it as after all I also wish to offer You the dakshina of 9 coins – the form of Nava Vidha Bhakti. If I am successful then I can confidently spread the word.”

The next day, 21st September, I was constantly thinking about how to collect my nine coins (9 devotees for MP) as an offering to Baba this Dussehra. Yet again Baba showed His another leela. In the afternoon a devotee named Pranita Garg contacted me on Facebook messenger which I see once in a blue moon. She is my distant niece and was thanking me as she had got added in 365-Days Sai (daily reading of one chapter). Earlier her contact was forwarded by Laveena Agarwal to me for adding her to Nitya Parayan. Now this young girl had managed to search and contact me via Messenger. I happened to ask her if she was in MP and there I got my first coin. She was also eager to join MP also and now I was even more eager to collect my other 8 coins but couldn’t do so that day.

On 22nd September, in the evening around 5 pm Baba did not allow me to do any editing work for the blog and He made me scroll through my contacts and whats app social groups of schoolmates and college mates. I happened to call my school friends, college friends and a few relatives whom I felt that they would like to join or rejoin (as some had quit MP after a few seasons). I managed to collect 6 more coins. Then I called Divyaji and got her as my 8th coin. Somehow I wasn’t able to collect my 9th coin and I felt that Baba was testing me, my faith and patience. Some people I could not connect with due to the network problem, some were continuously busy, some did not pick up and some said that they would think and let know and some said that they would like to first try reading two chapters and then commit. People whom I had thought would definitely join, did not join and whom I thought may not join, actually joined. It was 6.30 pm and it was time for me to carry on with my daily routine. I said to Baba that anyhow He has to help me collect my ninth coin before I sleep that day. Then around 10.39 PM I received a message from my school friend Neha Pophale that she would like to join. I was surprised as I caught that message that very moment and also had thought that she would never ever join as I had just called her up to ask for the contact number of one of our common school friend. Not only this, the next day she texted me two more contacts who also wanted to join the Global Mahaparayan spiritual revolutionary movement initiated by Baba Himself. So I felt that when I wanted to offer Baba dakshina of nine coins of Nava Vidha Bhakti, Baba blessed me with 2 additional coins of Shraddha and Saburi (total 11 devotees). Really when we give our best He blesses us more than we desire!

This was not enough when Baba gave me a treat by making my eyes feast on His beautiful darshan in my dream. It was 23rd September Thursday early morning, when I slept again after my Brahma Muhrat Khichadi parayan; as usual praying Baba for His darshan in the dream. After a long time I had His darshan in my dream. I saw Hanumanji with flute, Radha Krishna, Sai Baba in red kafni with a blessing hand and Lord Dattatreya and Akkalkot Swami Samarth Maharaj in form of black and white photos. I also saw some more deity but I am not able to recall. I also remember a moment where in my dream I was reminded of the dream for the Global Mahaparayan Order which Baba had given and felt the bliss and some similarity as if it was another order from Baba for this Dakshina of Nine coins to reach the first milestone. I also happened to see a Maharaj in my dream whose name was starting with ‘U’ and that Maharaj was acknowledging my confirmation about his name in the dream (I think may be Upasani Maharaj). I was also asking him to tell me the name of the place and permit me to take the pictures as I need to write a blog post about this dream. In that dream another strange thing was that I was well aware that it was a dream and it was going to end soon. This had never happened before but overall I felt very blissful, guided, shielded, loved and protected in the dream as well as after the dream.

In addition to this when I was sharing all this with Hetal Di and about how I collected my nine coins, Di said that even before I mentioned about my school friends, she had the thought of contacting her school friends as she too wanted to offer 9 coins to Baba in form of 9 members for Mahaparayan. So this somewhere was hinting Sai’s strong Divine intervention.

This year 2021, Dussehra falling on 15th October is a wonderful Sai co-incidence and we are fortunate enough to witness this. So come forward, offer your dakshina of nine coins (nine devotees) and Baba will be happy that you helped some souls to walk on this enlightened path and thus adding more soul energies to this Global Mass Prayer. Baba will definitely bless you for your seva.

Baba says, “He who does anything (spiritual endeavour) will surely reap its fruit!”

– Chapter 32 – Sai Satcharitra

A little effort and commitment from our end helps burn our karmas and reaps benefits in multifold. Baba never ignores any menial sewa too of His devotees, so be rest assured that we are filling our pots of good karma and dharma drop by drop. Baba is guiding His children on the spiritual path through the torch of Mahaparayan and it’s volunteers who are the torch bearers as in this Kaliyug there is a lot of darkness on this path. He has truly planned it for the upliftment of His devotees and will soon make this path shine bright by vanishing the darkness. Thank You Baba for Mahaparayan which is turning out as a blessing in this Kaliyuga. Keep reading, keep believing, keep serving Baba and keep sharing His leelas and Baba our guide will definitely bless you in abundance during this spiritual journey.

So dear devotees this is all about how Baba has inspired about this dakshina of nine coins. If you have that willingness to offer then no matter how saturated you feel regarding adding the devotees to Mahaparayan, Baba will definitely help you in your attempt. Everyone may offer as per their will, devotion, faith and capability. Some may even offer 9 classrooms or 9 Gurusthaans (class teachers and chiefs) by helping in its formation with an able team of volunteers. When we give dakshina we never question Baba that what He would do with it. Similarly when you all refer devotees leave it to Baba where He will get them added (classroom, house, sub University). You may join this temporary whatsapp link to offer your list of 9 devotees with their contact numbers (after explaining MP and confirming with them about their participation) and then exit the group. Please do not forget to exit the group else it will get clogged and other devotees won’t be able to come in. You may also text or message in your classroom itself to inspire other devotees to offer their dakshina of 9 coins. You may send us an e-mail at Please use only one method to offer your dakshina to avoid duplication and save our volunteer’s efforts and time by avoiding confusion. Please do come forward to offer your seva as captain, class teacher, vice principals, principals as we need many helping hands in this short time.

Links For Whatsapp group to offer Your dakshina (Please don’t forget to exit the group)


Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Sairam…!

This week I offered my dakshina of 9 coins to Baba for this Dussehra, when are you offering? Baba is waiting for your dakshina of 9 coins for Mahaparayan by 15th Oct 2021…! MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |
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  1. I will try to offer 9dakshina as a 9devoties who will read baba's story faithfully and will heal mother earth.

    • Thank You for your wonderful bhaav of serving Baba and mother Earth and also inspiring others by doing so. JAi Sai Ram.

  2. Omsairam..Really amazing and a great job…Congratulations… n as am a devotee from MP grp….I tried my best in offering my 9 coins dakshina..(9 devottes)..
    Jai Sairam….Bow to Saibaba…Peace to all

  3. Jai Sairam Poojaji
    Speechless and Amazed as always at His Leelas.Will try my best to offer my dakshina at His lotus feet.

  4. Om Sai Ram 🙏🙏 as a devotee of Sai I will truly try to give 9 coins dakshina .I know baba will definitely help me.

  5. I'll try my level bedt to offer 9dakshina as 9 devotee who r willingly n faithfully read Baba's charitra as a babas seva.

  6. 🕉️Om sai ram 🕉️
    Thank you Pooja garg (mosi) for giving me this opportunity to be a part Mahaparayan.

  7. I joined group 2 just now. Can anyone please explain how this works? Do I have to send this link to 9 devotees so they can join? Please help me understand 🙏🙏

  8. Dinesh Shetty, Mumbai Mira Road 26th September 2021.
    Om Sree Sai Ram, will also try to get 9 coins (devotees).

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