Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sai Ram Chants For Creating Positive Energy During Pandemic

In this pandemic, along with the physical mask let us protect us with an invisible mask of the chants 'SaiRam RamSai' on our lips. Let the "SaiRam" name resonate in our thoughts, mind, talks, actions and all that we do only to make our every breath, pore, cell and even our soul to reverberate 'SaiRam RamSai' all the time. When we send these vibrations into the Universe, they will not only shield us but also spread positivity. Such intense, powerful and immense vibrations would definitely destroy and nullify the negative vibrations and the ill effects of the pandemic virus.
These are the lines that Baba guided me while meditating on Him, doing daily chores and series of Sai incidences that took place. Let me take you all through this tour of mine.
Recently, I came across a few messages in Whatsapp saying all that we think, talk, discuss and spread about, becomes active in its vibration. So the more we talk about anything the more active it becomes. It also said that in this pandemic time, we should avoid talking and discussing about the virus, checking the statistics every now and then and thus making it more active in vibrations. It also talked about fear and the power of creation. It said that the creation of anything is to give thought to it by keeping it active in our vibration by being afraid of it. It then said hook yourself up with the ever flowing stream of wellbeing.

This message made me think if we can collectively use such thoughts to activate the positive vibrations and add strength to it by continuously thinking about it. This can be done by chanting Sairam or God's name and thus adding positive energy to the vibrations. So let us think and talk more about positive incidents and add a little contribution from our side to create such vibrations by chanting God's name. I thought to write about this but my routine with two kids and other responsibilities were making me avoid to put these thoughts into words to share with you all. But Baba's ways are always straight and He convinced me to do it through a series of divine incidences.

Around almost nine years back during my first pregnancy, I had read in Holy Ramayan that the name 'Ram' is more powerful than the Lord Ram Himself. So I wanted to name my son Ram. But as my cousin brother-in-law already holds that name in the family, my mother-in-law in spite of repeated requests did not allow me to name my son as Ram. Baba had some beautiful plans and my mother came up with the name Saiesh. She added that never she had heard about anyone having such a name and it was absolutely a divine indication. My ignorance led me to Google to find out the meaning of the word “Saiesh”. The search result showed, "Sai Ka Baccha" (Sai's Child) and now no trace of any doubt was left in me and my other family members. In fact all loved the name and were convinced immediately. That’s how Baba named His son through me as “Saiesh”. Saiesh learned about the history of his name when he was about four to five year olds. Now he is nearing eight years and I had a very feeble idea how this kid would help me reach the blog post that I am sharing today.

This Sunday as usual he was attending Bhakt Prahlad class on Zoom which is hosted by an ISKON volunteer Geetika Mataji for the kids where in her own innovative way she teaches children the shlokas from Bhagwat Gita and good moral values through stories, quiz and games. I happened to enter the room casually for some work, I heard him interacting with his teacher, "Ram name has more power than the Lord Ram Himself." Not just once or twice, but thrice he uttered the same answer and it seemed as if it was an indirect message for me from the Divine force. Right above his study table is Baba's big picture on the wall. I happened to have eye contact with Baba only to make me think about mixing the names Sai and Ram and thus chant SaiRam RamSai to fight the negative vibrations. It was another hint to proceed with the blog post.

The same day around 4 o'clock when he was attending online class for another activity, I happened to see Lord Hanumanji's big photo behind his teacher in the meeting frame. It was very large that only half of it was visible. It was Hanumaji's sitting posture with some musical instrument in His hand as if chanting Ram, Ram. This was another indication to go ahead with chanting SaiRam RamSai rhythmically.

. This was not enough and I came across another beautiful creative by one of our designers made for Ramnavami. The creative was sent on email for approval to be shared on Ramnavami. Again I felt another push behind the fusion of names of Sai and Ram and writing a post about chanting SaiRam RamSai to fight this pandemic.

Later I also happened to talk about the whole series of incidents since morning with Hetal Didi, she too confirmed the answer by Saiesh that Ram's name is more powerful than Himself and the hint to proceed with the blog post. She also hinted that there must be a beautiful story behind it. Whereas I thought she must be referring to the story of construction of Ram Setu bridge by writing the name Ram over the stones by the monkeys. I presumed the story so confidently that I did not bother to google the story just for name sake. However while writing this post like every time, I had prayed to Baba that He should write the post making me an instrument for just typing; He made me google about that story, although I had no intention but could feel that force to google about it. I came across a beautiful story which was absolutely different from the one I had initially guessed. Here is it. (please do not miss the story)

This happened in Lord Rama’s court after his Pattabhishekam in Ayodhya.

After Lord Rama returns to Ayodhya and after his coronation ceremony, Lord Rama is sitting on His throne along with Guru Vishwamitra on a seat on his right side.

When the court matters were going on, Lord Hanuman entered the court. There are other Gurus, sages, ministers and many people present in the court. As soon as Lord Hanuman enters the court, He bows down before Sage Narada and we all know Sage Narada always involves divine plays which starts with problems and ends with a great message.

Lord Hanuman after bowing down to Narada Muni receives blessings from Him. At that time, Narada says to Hanuman, ”Hanuman, you can receive blessings from anyone present in this court but don’t ever take the blessings from Sage Viswamitra as he has so much of Ahankar (self pride) within him and thus taking His blessings is not good for you.”

Lord Hanuman thinks, “Whatever Narad Muni says is always correct” and thus He decided to abide by His words.

After receiving blessings from all the others present in the court, He approaches Lord Rama and Sage Vishwamitra, he doesn’t even bow down to Vishwamitra and just bows to Lord Rama and He goes and sits in His place.

Sage Vishwamitra notices that Hanuman neither seeked for his blessings nor showed any respect by bowing down. He gets very angry. (Sage Viswamitra is a very short tempered person). Suddenly he shouts at Rama, “A person has disrespected Me in this court and thus whoever disrespects a Guru should be punished by killing". (In those days, kings and Gods feared the wrath of Guru).

Then Lord Rama asks “Who is that person who disrespected You in My court?” to which Sage Vishwamitra says “ It's Your Hanuman Who disrespected Me by not bowing down”. Shri Ram was dumb-founded for a moment as Hanuman was his most beloved devotee while Rishi Vishwamitra was Shri Ram’s Guru and Ram could not disobey his Guru at any cost, so he had to punish Hanuman for the disrespect shown to His Guru. He takes out his Banam (bow and arrow) and aims at Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman then chants the greatest mantra of the time ”Rama Nama” with utter devotion to protect Him from the astra (weapon of Ram) as He was aware that by chanting Lord Rama’s name He was sure to be saved and that even Lord Rama can’t kill him or hurt him.

True to this, none of Rama's arrows could touch Hanumanji. Shri Ram was exhausted but Hanumanji was only looking at His Lord with total surrender, love and devotion. Shri Ram used the most powerful weapons he had never used before but nothing could harm Hanumanji. Then Shri Ram aimed His Brahmastra on him. Hanumanji kept chanting Shri Ram Mantra and did not move at all. The crowd of on-lookers was under a spell. Then Shri Ram aimed with Brahmashirsha Astra (An astra 1000 times more powerful than Brahmastra)

When Lord Rama aims and releases the Brahmashirsha astra on Hanuman, it gets burnt out even before reaching Lord Hanuman.

Again He aims, but the astra gets burnt out and even after trying several times. Sage Vishwamitra stops Rama and tells him that, “As long as Lord Hanuman chants Your Divine Name, it's not possible to even give a bruise to Lord Hanuman.”

Seeing all this, Narada intervenes and stops the confusion and explains the power of Rama Namam and thus Lord Rama and Sage Vishwamitra forgives Hanuman.

From the above story we can understand that, Lord Rama’s name is more powerful mantra and by chanting it, Lord Rama can help us and save us from all the obstacles.

This is the reason why Rama’s Name is more powerful than the lord Rama Himself

This is the main reason why people even today have been writing Sri Rama Jayam or Jai Sri Ram for the last 5000 years for success to solve all problems in 21 days.

In addition to this I would also like to share that my mom in the month of February happened to be infected by the pandemic. We came to know about this only a few days back when the antibody test was done. I thank Baba million times as He got my mother out of the jaws of death as she is nearing 60's with a slight BP problem. She had got a very high fever one night and later on had a lot of weakness. She was alright by taking a paracetamol at night. So we thought it to be normal viral fever. We all (my husband, kids, in-laws) had happened to meet my mom that time multiple times. But none of us had got infected. Even my dad and the maids there were not infected. She had played with my daughter Saiva who was then just 11 months old by keeping her in her arms, but nothing unusual was found in her. Based on all the consequences, we never thought she could be infected.

One day all of a sudden she said that she felt that she might have been infected at that time with the pandemic virus. I thought it was not possible else out of so many people who came in contact with her that time (nearly 50 of us), at least someone would have got affected through her. Also her fever was alright in one night and she said that she did not have any breathing problems and no symptoms that lead us to conclude that she was infected. Her statement shook me to the core and I was absolutely worried thinking about the probable consequences. I was compelled out of anxiety to put chits in front of Baba. Baba's answer was 'Yes she was infected by the virus.' Later after a mwhen she was to take the vaccine, we got the antibody test done as we had heard that those who got infected should take the vaccine after three months. So when the antibody test was done, all were wonderstruck to see the test as positive and Baba's infinite grace protected her, mainly my dad who is a senior citizen with diabetes and BP and all the others who came in contact with her. Her antibody count was also 27 (which sums up to 9 and hence showing Baba's presence too).

When my mom told her maids about this event they were shocked and said that Baba knew that no one was there to take care of them and hence Baba let it know only after everything was fine. (If mom would have known it before then maids would also be stopped and then it would have been extremely difficult to manage themselves everything especially with the daily domestic work).

I fully and truly believe that she came out safely without any troubles with Baba's grace as she daily does Naamjaap without fail for 20 minutes. So it shielded her and others who came in contact with her. It was not asymptomatic else she would not have got that high fever and following a lot of weakness. Now I questioned Baba, “He was to protect and shield her, then why did she even get infected in the first place?” To this my own conscience answered, "It was all Baba's Leela to show the significance of Naam Jaap" else how could we experience it so closely. She already has certain health issues with BP. This leela of Baba clearly shows how Naamjaap can protect, cure and shield us.

So coming back, I was reminded that Naamsaptah will start from 13th and what if we request all the Mahaparayanites to chant SaiRam RamSai for 20 minutes either collectively or in parts as and how the time permits; dedicatedly by sitting at one place or along with our daily routine activities that can be easily combined with chanting like cooking, cleaning, driving, walking, bathing etc. We are today a strength of almost 5 to 6 lakhs of devotees and it will thus help to create a lot of positive vibrations. For Ram Navami Naamsaptah we don't have any special groups. We have to self monitor us and report to Baba. We are planning to create more Naam Jaap groups for AASM (Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap which began on 13th February 2018 and still going on ceaselessly 24*7) As usual we are always in need of helping hands to execute our seva to Baba. So here are the links to different time slots and for being sevaks/volunteers. Please come forward to serve as no seva can be done alone. You may read the detailed series of posts here showing how AASM took shape with Baba's guidance. One request to all is that they need to choose the preferred time slot and day as per IST. Later our volunteers will try their best to allot you the slot of your choice for the preferred day too. Please do not rush and have patience. All information would be provided at the right time. It may take time as we need to first train the volunteers. Please do not join the volunteers group (for enrollment if other groups are full) if you are not willing to serve.

So let's come together and spread the message to chant the name Sairam or any God's name and contribute to send positive vibrations in the Universe.

A small continuation of the same essence with a different guidance from Baba can be here, Sai Baba Guides To Ram Raksha Mantra
You can go through the Naam Jaap series

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